Searching for blue-eyed anime women with brownish hair instructed me something: it's difficult. In all!

Due to the fact that you do not recognize that need to be # 1, making checklists according to hair or eye shade can be testing at times yet generally. In this instance, I might not also discover blue-eyed ladies with brownish hair to begin with… …

After a lengthy study session, I bring you this listing of the 10 finest anime ladies that have blue eyes and also brownish hair!

10. Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakova

Anime: Legend of Tanya the Wickedness

She is a carefree, pleasant, as well as confident young adult that is additionally Tanya's (the lead character) adjutant. Regardless of her innocent appearances, she is practical and also skilled.

Viktoriya is a substantial food lover as well as a glutton. She enjoys to consume sausages, potatoes, K-Brot, as well as delicious chocolate. She really did not recognize it either till Tanya informed her so if you really did not recognize that grew potatoes can be harmful.

9. Nana Hayashida

Anime: Golden Time

Nana simply shows that short-haired ladies constantly shed in anime.