Bigg Employer 11, one of the most questionable truth program has actually been captivating the target markets with its fascinating spins and also remarkable web content. While the battles in your house have actually ended up being a day-to-day event, the crave doing well in the jobs by the prisoners has actually additionally risen manifolds. With Lucinda's leave, the padosis will certainly be seen placing their ideal foot onward in the jobs today. In today's episode, customers will certainly reach see a limited fight in between Vikas Gupta's group as well as Puneesh Sharma's group that will certainly be dealing with each various other in a job called 'jo mud gaya will certainly ud gaya.' Both the groups will certainly be seen offering their ideal to win the job. READ ALSO: Bigg Employer 11, Episode 17, Day 17, 18th October 2017, Composed Live Updates
Likewise the elections of Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma, Akash Dadlani, Sapna Choudhary as well as Luv Tyagi will certainly bring extra battles and also puddles to enliven the week for the target markets.
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It will certainly be a fascinating watch tonight if the passion to carry out well in the job will certainly highlight brand-new spins in the program by the prisoners. Will there be much more battles in the Bigg Manager residence or the prisoners will carry out the jobs in harmony? View the area for the real-time updates on the show.READ ALSO:Bigg Employer 11 Weekend break ka Vaar with Salman Khan, Episode 14, Day 14, 15th October 2017 Below are the composed onlineupdates of Bigg Manager 11. Episode 16, Day 16, 17 th October 2017:11:24 pm: Sneak peek demonstrates how Vikas"s group retaliate of thejob from Puneesh"s group. View this room for even more updates. 11:20 pm: Hina Khan and also Vikas "s group talk about the technique for their turn. Hina claims I will certainly make them consume cow dung. Bigg Manager gathers every person in the typical location. Bigg Employer informs entrants that in the job something occurred which was wrong. He is directing at Vikas that obtained physical throughout the job, that himself is the captain of your home, Bigg Employer informs him that he will certainly be penalized. Vikas"s captancy is taken method and also Bigg Employer informs him that he can never ever be a captain. Additionally he is sent out to the kaal-kothri.11:14 pm: Bigg Employer alerts Vikas that he obtained physical in the job as well as therefore deserves obtaining penalized.11:05 pm: Round 1 torment proceeds Shilpaand also Vikas suggest on whether it ought to be okay to be this ruthless. Puneesh cautions Sapna to give up otherwise he will certainly put cooled water as well as abuse her even more. Sapna stands unmoved. Puneesh tosses water on her face severely as well as she stops. Akash brings eggs for Hina. Tosses on her face. Hina Khan deals with all the water, ice, saw continuously. Arshi Khan massages ice on Hiten"s body and also Hiten quits.Finally something goes inside Hina "s eyes as well as she drops on her knees. She enters the swimming pool to clean it away. Round 1 finishes.10:52 pm: Round 1 video game proceeds Benafsha encounters one of the most of tossing from Puneesh"s group however stalls. Vikas is shoown to the medical professional. Akash remain to toss saw dirt on Benafsha "s deal with and also Puneesh puts cooledwater on her. Benafsha gives up. Arshi as well as Puneesh put cooled ice water on Mehjabeen"s head. There"s a dispute concerning what is enabled and also what is not in this job. If Bigg Manager is not disrupting then it has to be permitted, Benafsha asks for justice to which Hina discusses that. Chilled water is tossed on Mehjabeen. Sapna whines something went inside her eyes. Vikas places water on her eyes. A lot more water for Mehjabeen as well as she gives up, begins sobbing as well as shivering. When her turn comes, mehjabeen screams at Arshi as well as informs her to see for what all she will certainly do to her. Luv and also Vikas get into a battle. 10:46 pm; Jo mud gaya will certainly ud gaya round 1 The high-end spending plan job is discussed to the prisoners. Vikas"s group willplay versus Puneesh"s group. They need to stand holding their chin onto the stands offered in the yard location. the various other employee need to sidetrack the contrary staff member to ensure that they shed their setting and also relocation as well as hence shed the video game. Vikas"s group bases on the systems. Puneesh "s group begin by throing water, waste as well as various other things on the staff member, specifically on Benafsha and also Vikas. The group is harsh. They are tossing ice, sawdust on Vikas"s staff member. Sawdust gets in Vikas" s eye and also he sobs out of discomfort, resting on the flooring. Puneesh on the various other hand begins yelling that Vikas struck him and also he must be tossed out when he was simply attempting to clean his face.Akash accumulates cow dung from the ground as well as places it on Benafsha "s encounter. Vikas mosts likely to the bathroom and also complins to Arshi and also Jyoti.10:44 pm: Vikas as well as Shilpa bonding Vikas informs Shilpa, chatting on older problems that I understand you from my childhood years and also it wasn" t me that threwyou out of the program. Shilpa states it was my program, exactly how come I might leave it and also it was you just. They are seen bonding over the explanations as well as appears like the rage has actually declined and also both havecome to be buddies.10:42 pm: Puneesh and also Bandagi!Puneesh as well as Bandagi are resting as well as having a wonderful top quality time with each other asking each various other to consume and also blowing kisses. 10:38 pm: Cut to following early morning. Prisoners get up to the songs of "Dhire dhire chalna. munda kamaal hai."Akash raps and also teases Benafsha. Beafsha informs him, each week he obtains an assault, women nevertheless obtain it simply as soon as a month, yet Akash obtains it each week, claims Benafsha. Akash proceeds his" nalla captain "rap checking out the electronic camera. Bandagi informs Puneesh what Vikas simply informed her that if Benafsha acts in this manner, she will certainly be taken into the prison as well as Bandagi as well as Puneesh likewise enter a squabbleas she notified him that Vikas mmight placed him behind bars opn which he angers as well as concerns as well as runs Vikas. He informs Vikas that he isn" t worried of him as well as has actually come on to the program on his very own terms.READ ALSO: Bigg Manager 11: Luv Lucinda "s shock expulsion comes as a significant impact topadosis 10:36 pm: Is the captain partial?Vikas discusses that he was not partial as well as Shilpa Shinde differs. Candidates review if Vikas"s stand was incorrect or ideal.10:30 pm: Akash Dadlani sheds his great Akash sheds his cool on obtaining chosen. calls the captain nalla and also a great deal of various other names. A substantial battle breks amongst all ocntestants. Arshi attempts to manage Akash, that has actually produced a full scene. He is dancing as well asacting unusual.10:15 pm: Jo mud gaya will certainly ud gaya The participants will certainly be propounded evaluate once again via this most interesting jobs on the program. Keep tuned to capture the activity in today" s Bigg Employer 11 episode 16.