This episode of Bigg Manager 11 starts with the 2nd leg of the high-end budget plan job, "BB Fowl Ranch". Shilpa"s gold egg is sent out on the nest. Arshi, that had actually chosen to ruin it attempts to snag it, however Hina, Puneesh, Luv, Priyank and also Vikas are shielding it. Vikas informs Arshi to be the larger individual as well as allow Shilpa at the very least be the competitor for captaincy. Akash maintains prompting Arshi stating she had no intestines to damage Shilpa's egg however Vikas informs her to neglect Akash. The alarm system rings as well as Shilpa comes to be an additional challenger. The following egg has Luv's photo on it. Hina, Priyank, Vikas safeguard it, and also Luv ends up being yet an additional contender.The job concerns an end as well as Hina, Shilpa, Priyank as well as Luv are introduced to be the challengers of captaincy which is what Hina had actually desired. Following early morning the participants awaken to the track, Desi Girlfrom Dostana. Vikas informs Priyank that Shilpa has actually been acting strangely with him. He includes that they secured Shilpa's gold egg in the job, yet really she desired them to damage it, to ensure that she might resemble the vicitm as she understands to play the sufferer card actually well. Hina Khan and also Priyank Sharma in a still from Bigg Manager 11

Puneesh and also Akash remain in the yard location where they claim that Priyank appears like a lady. When Priyank put on a swimwear, they remember the time. Akash includes that Priyank was appearing like a woman with muscle mass. If she missed him, Priyank goes up to Hina as well as asks her. They both have actually not been talking with each various other as Hina desires his commitment and also she does not like him investing even more time with Vikas. She informs him to take and also go treatment of Vikas, as he has actually been doing that given that previous number of days. Priyank claims that it was his obligation to hang around with the buddy that has actually been really feeling depressed.vikas and also unfortunate determines to clothe

up well, however Hina buffoons him as well as informs him that what he puts on or else is much cooler than the official attire he is putting on currently. She likewise draws his leg as well as asks him if a woman is pertaining to see him, or whether he was opting for a task meeting. Akash includes that also if a lady can be found in your house, she will not check out Vikas. Puneesh and also Shilpa, that are resting besides Akash beginning giggling. These remarks do not drop well with Vikas, that asks Hina to not to discuss his clothing. Arshi praises Vikas and also informs him he is looking wonderful and also must not pay attention to what others are saying.Priyank, as well, sides with Vikas and also informs Hina to quit it as well as do not claim these points to Vikas if he's not liking it. Hina sheds her cool on Priyank as well as informs him to avoid of it. Priyank includes that she needs to not jab Vikas, as he is his pal, also, like her. They enter into a large disagreement while their 3rd buddy Luv obtains captured in between them and also doesn"t understand exactly how to manage the scenario. Vikas alters his garments and also Puneesh asks him not to and also informs him that it was all a joke and also absolutely nothing significant. Vikas locks himself in the bathroom and also begins weeping as well as claims he understands that he does not look great, yet these remarks were excessive. Priyank as well as Arshi gaming console him.Priyank sheds it more and also informs Arshi that he will certainly not talk with Hina ever before also if she involves him.

Vikas breaks down as well as states Hina is making him really feel awful. Shilpa, Hina as well as Akash, that remain in the yard claim that Vikas is doing this purposefully as he desires attention.Luv and also Hina are talking with each various other where the previous informs her that Priyank has actually transferred to the opposite which she can"t absorb. Luv informs her that she should not have actually chewed out Priyank as well as she should not explain regarding his bond with Vikas. Hina informs him that Priyank can have asked Vikas to not take her remarks seriously as opposed to countering at her. Hina additionally states that why really did not Priyank quit Vikas when he was obtaining physical with her as well as Shilpa throughout the Chicken Ranch task.Akash, Shilpa, Hina, Puneesh and also Luv go to the table as well as Akash maintains buffooning Vikas. Priyank, Arshi as well as Vikas, that remain in the room take a look at this as well as Priyank states that this is what Hina did as well as there is no distinction in between Hina as well as Akash as their practices is similar.Bigg Employer reveals that the housemates need to pick 3 housemates, that will certainly most likely to the kaal kothri today. They need to choose all. Akash is the initial one to take Vikas'name for his'practices 'with Hina and also Shilpa throughout the job. Hina secs. On this, Vikas and also Hina enter a disagreement once more concerning their behavior throughout the job. Hina states that Vikas touched her throughout the job, which was incorrect and also Vikas claims that it was she that touched him initially. They both promise on their moms and also state that they really did not do it purposefully. Priyank, that has actually been upset with Hina sides with Vikas. This does not decrease well with Hina and also she says with Priyank once again. This time around Priyank informs her that she shed a close friend which he is dead for her. Luv as well as Puneesh take Arshi "s name for her negative behavior with Shilpa.Finally, Vikas, Arshi and also Akash choose to head to kaal kothri. Akash willingly makes a decision to head to prison to bother Vikas and also Arshi. Puneesh informs Akash that he needs to make Arshi's life an ordeal in the prison, and also he includes and also concurs that he will certainly problem Vikas also.

Shilpa inquires not to. Shilpa additionally apologises to Arshi for taking her name to visit prison, yet Akash claims that he needs to retaliate from Arshi. As quickly as they get in the prison, Akash begins passing indicate talk about both Vikas as well as Arshi yet they do not react.We need to wait as well as enjoy that for the length of time would certainly Vikas and also Arshi endure Akash" s negative behavior inside the prison.