* The % Day-to-day Worth (DV) informs you just how much a nutrient in an offering of food adds to a day-to-day diet regimen. 2,000 calories a day is made use of for basic nourishment advice.Note: Consists of:routine microwave snacks, salted or gently salted; snacks, NFS; Pillsbury Microwave Snacks; Orville Redenbacher Premium Microwave Popping Corn; Act II Microwave Snacks; Newman"s Own Gently Salty Oldstyle Image Program Microwave Snacks; Pot Korn (Corn)

Pictures There are 239 calories in a 1/4 mug, unpopped, returns of Unbuttered SnacksPopped in Oil.Calorie malfunction:
53 % fat, 41 % carbohydrates, 5 % protein.Other Typical Offering Dimensions:Offering DimensionCalories
1 10 bits offering 8
1 mug stood out 60
1 oz, unpopped, returns 135
1 solitary offering bag 151
1 Orville Redenbacher treat dimension 238
1 Orville Redenbacher'' s pop and also offer bag 460
1 Act II pop and also offer bag 471
1 bag 476
1 Pillsbury microwave pop as well as offer bag 498
100 g 541
1 mug, unpopped, returns 958
Relevant Sorts Of Snacks:
Air Popped Snacks
Buttered Air Popped Snacks
Oil Popped Snacks (Microwaved)
Lowfat Snacks Popped in Oil
Buttered Snacks Popped in Oil
Oil Popped White Snacks
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Associated Sorts Of Snacks:
Natural Leather Fruit Night Clubs
Potato Chips
Route Mix
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Lowfat Low Salt Snacks Popped in Oil
Icy Pop Ice
Soybean Oil
Coconut Grease
Unsalted Snacks Popped in Oil
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