My mommy has actually played After effects and also various other Bethesda ready a long period of time. She had actually placed in around 1100 hrs on Results 4 prior to we ultimately persuaded her to start right into After effects 76. We began repeating in March when COVID entered into full speed as a method for our family members to play with each other and also talk on a regular basis while having a good time in a video game globe we were all a minimum of accustomed to. It has actually been a wonderful experience for the most part.Until the other day. My Mommy got a message from Bethesda Support/Zenimax mentioning that she had actually breached their TOS as well as guidelines on usernames. She was mad by this, considering that not just is her name not offending whatsoever, however it"s the label she has actually constantly gone by.We have actually called my Mommy "Salami" or "MommySalami" for greater than three decades currently. She attained her 1100+ hrs of Results play while called "MommySalami" and also has actually had that label for the last ~ 2 months of play in FO76. Bethesda really straight recognized and also identified my mommy by sending her a loot dog crate after we uploaded concerning her After effects 4 progression back in 2018. She was making use of the "MommySalami" name when they identified her for those success. So we are puzzled why there is a concern now?I can just presume that this is a joke/false-positive/new worker that slipped up? I locate it unsubstantiated that Bethesda and also Zenimax are in fact designating some type of offending standing to words "Mom" as well as "Salami" as well as are truly mosting likely to avoid my mommy from utilizing her enduring label? Specifically when there are lots of graphic/offensive names running about in the marsh that are outright infractions of their calling regulations by preventing automated discovery of curse words, and so on I can discover absolutely nothing in the TOS or various other terms prohibiting making use of lunch-meat relevant, rhyming names for usernames. If a person from Bethesda can get to out to me so we can solve this, I would certainly enjoy. As it is she has been provided a last offer that she just has 3 days to ask for a various name, or they are mosting likely to offer her a horrible, common name to play under (which will likely avoid her from altering it for 3 months because of the restriction on name modifications on accounts) as well as provide her account a "strike" that could bring about a future restriction if they ever before incorrectly implicate her of something again.Anyone have any type of experience with this or recognize a great way to open up a discussion with Bethesda Assistance beyond the ticket system? The e-mail they sent out appears immediately created so I"m stressed we won"t obtain a genuine individual to consider it in time.Any aid is much appreciated.External web link → That would certainly be fantastic. If you can assist, with any luck they see the article and also get in touch with me.u/ BethesdaGameStudios _ or u/LadyDevann or u/jessBethesda please allow me understand! Occurrence Ticket #: 200617-008107 We "ll have a look at this, it most definitely appears strange!about 1 yearago-
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I additionally had this concern with my account where my name
obtained flagged for no excellent factor as well as I was offered an actually dorky name with the failure to alter. I requested for a description regarding exactly how my name was undesirable and also I was practically informed to screw off. Would certainly it be feasible for me to DM you concerning this issue because I do not intend to publish my old or brand-new username on reddit?