This Conan Exiles Camps as well as NPC Places overview will certainly attempt to highlight as numerous beneficial places as feasible where gamers can discover thralls as well as various other sources.

While locating sources as well as adversaries on your own in an open-world video game has its very own appeal, when the globe is harmful as well as huge as the one in Conan Exiles, having a map can be fairly helpful.

These Thralls and also npcs can be caught and after that damaged on the wheel of discomfort so gamers can hire them.

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Conan Exiles Camps As Well As NPC Places

Because it is not feasible to note every area on the map, the overview will certainly still consist of one of the most very easy and also significant to discover negotiations so gamers do not need to browse around when they take place a farming run

Tale NPCs


The OutcastBragaConanGilzan the Prize HunterRazma of ShemWarmaker KlaelThe ArchivistThe MountaineerMuriela the ArtisanChild of Jhebbal SagMek-kamosesJamila the Pirate QueenPetruso the Sandstorm ManiacNunuArcos the WandererYakira, Priestess of Deketo

NPC Camps


Black Hand Camps: Captain's Quarters, Jamilla's Collection, Flotsam, Tailer's Berth, Scuppler's Sanctuary, Deckswab's Resort, Scavenger's Berth, Hunt Factor, Tarman's Berth, Watchers Waystation, Sully's Ambush, Deathwhisper Camp, Watchman's Squat, Sailstitch Camp, The Sandspit, Support Factor, Rascal's Entrance, Black Galleon, Voyager's Vigil, Bilgewater Break, Marauder's Muster, The Pocket. Darfari Cannibals : Bonebreaker's Bend, Cannibal's Relax, Carver's Crest, Fatality's Darkness Camp, Dustdevil Ridge, Fleshtearer Falls, Gallaman's Overlook, Heartsblood Increase, Howling Plateau, Marrowman's Elevation, Narrowneck Period, Raider's Ridge, Ravager's Slit, Riverwatch Camp, Skulker's End, Spinebreaker's Flank, The Edge of Bones, The Cursed Means, The Dryfalls, Thugra's Stand, Witness Camp. Pets of the Desert : Bonepicker Camp, Claw Outcrop, Howler's Lode, Seeker's Sight, N'batu's Load, Damages of al-Merayah, Sharptooth Flow, The Den, Waterhole Expectation, Weeping Damage. Forgotten Clan : Stargazer's Crest, Wightwatch Hunt. Successors of the North : Coldfish Camp, Desertwatch, Freya's Hovel, Lian's Watch, Mammothrider's Small house, Meadowwatch, Meltwater Crag, New Asagarth, Nordhof, Rimefisher's Hut, Stormwatch, The Wardtowers, Trapper's Cabin. Lemurians : Pagoda of Limitless Desires, Royal Residence of the Witch Queen, The Sunken City. Mitra : Wightwatch Hunt, Muriela's Hope, Mitra's Calmness, Drifter's Relax. Antique Hunters : Holy Place Quarter, Waterside, Southlake, Westwall Jail, Westwall. Ymir's Kid : Ymir's Deception, The Castaway Camp, Snowstorm's Overwatch, Crystalline Gorge, Icekeeper Hollow, Flamemist Camp

Thrall Camps And Also Settlements

These camps are color coded according to the adhering to trick:

YS/ Yog Negotiation : Yog's church bordered by cannibals SC/Set City : Professional dancers as well as Clergymans in a city loaded with Establish's fans Red : these are one of the most typical Thrall camps with many Thralls in them PS/Pirate Ship : location is loaded with Clergymans and also professional dancers and also is connected to the Pirate Queen's pursuit Purple : these are significant thrall negotiations so gamers need to take care when venturing in there Environment-friendly : these are the camps gamers run into at the extremely begin of the video game on the south side of the globe and also are simple to ranch

Locating a preferable thrall in high degree camps is not assured although the possibility raises because there are much more generate ports in negotiations and also significant camps. Nevertheless, the trouble likewise increases when attempting to get into such a camp.

Caves And Also NPC Places


N3 : Mek-Kamoses, the instructor of Establish faith S1/S2 : cavern of Titan Crawler and also its assistants N5 : Kid of Jhebbal Droop, a NPC that may provide pursuits C2 : this cavern has a space inside being safeguarded by the undead GC : cavern of the large crocodile and also several various other smaller sized crocs C3 : a cavern full of countless Thralls consisting of Clergymans and also professional dancers C1 : cavern of Hanuman loaded with Rascals as well as a sculpture that exists deep in the cavern UD : this cavern causes the Undead Dragon manager as well as has a Large Serpent inside it N2 : Jamila the pirate queen that can educate gamers the Mitra religious beliefs and also unlock Mitra church N6 : the cavern brings about the ghost of the Titan King although he can not be interactived with currently N1 : the NPC Nunu the Cannibal is right here and also can show gamers the Yog faith and also unlock rate 1 Yog Church N4 : Arcos the Wanderer, that does specifically as the name recommends as well as simply strolls along the southerly coast

When even more details is offered and also a lot more material obtains included to the video game, this Conan Exiles Camps as well as NPC Areas Overview will certainly be upgraded.