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Dimension: 747.5 MEGABYTES Elana Champ of Lustis a video game where you will certainly need to revive the all-natural order to an island where individuals have actually shed as well as neglected everything about desire and also passions.You will certainly regulate Elana, a fairy that has actually discovered the power of desire and also enthusiasm that was as soon as gotten rid of from individuals.
Codes Ch.1To get in the debug codes currently you"ll need to push the vital "Get in" and also an input message box will certainly apear. As soon as the code is keyed in press go into once again to trigger it. · Kind "kgsupernatural" as well as all activities will certainly constantly prosper. · Kind "kgopensesame" to obtain accessibility to the gallery. · Kind "kgtalented" to obtain a complete bar of expireince. · Kind "kgfriends" to constantly see particular personalities (after you have 20% of impact in the location) · Kind "kgmakeitrain" to obtain 999 coins. · Kind "kgkillthemall" To eliminate all adversaries with one hit. · Kind "kgreset" To eliminate debug codes (points like the abilities acquired will certainly stay turned on). Codes Ch.2Press 0 on numpad then get in the complying with codekgprodigy: supernaturalkgprodigy - analog of "kgsupernatural" in alpha 1.4.6 kggreenbar: experience = 100000kggreenbar - 100k EXP kgallthings: reveal gallerykgallthings - Gallery kginsertcoin - 500Glake blossom: pujarArea("Bosc")lake blossom - 100% Impact in Woodland play a video game: pujarArea("Granja")play a video game - 100% Impact in Ranch preparing treats: pujarArea("Mercat")preparing treats - 100% Impact in Market evening in the space: pujarArea("Taverna")evening in the space - 100% Impact in Pub simply loosen up: pujarArea("Instances")simply unwind- 100% Impact in Homes church: pujarArea("Esglesia")church - 100% Impact in Church eFury: creaEsperit("fierceness")ePride: creaEsperit("satisfaction")eHappy: creaEsperit("hapyness")eEnvy: creaEsperit("envy")kginsertcoin: DadesPartida.DADA(). restaurants + 500to the barracks: pujarArea("Castell")to the barracks - 100% Impact in castle"Changelog"
Phase 3 2.1 Alpha · Included brand-new system to get in the codes to make it help android variation. · Currently the properties of the video game lots prior to beginning the video game, which protects against some previous filling problems, although it might take some secs to tons (relying on your maker). Considering that there is still no packing bar, if the video game reveals you a black display for some time, put on"t concern, the video game ought to begin quickly. · Included some noises as well as welcoming audios (some from: https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/ ), however a lot of them are simply experiments as well as not correctly in position. · Currently you can manage the quantity of the songs as well as the sfx independently (although it might require some reformation). · Some repairs occasionally. · Included Excess globe (the arrowhead to go there shows up in the desire area after finishing the very first globe). · Included regarding 140 occasions for the excess globe. · Included 80+ photos for occasions of the excess globe + 6 brand-new histories. · Included 2 computer animations for the excess globe · Included 17 brand-new characters for personalities. · Included 16 brand-new characters for characters.Chapter 3 1.9 Alpha · Included minigame and also finishing of Sweet globe. As soon as you finish the globe the minigame will certainly begin. This time around the minigame is instead straightforward, yet is something we wished to do because phase 2 and also we believe it can still be pleasurable. However, put on"t fear we have a lot of minigames extra complicated prepared for various other globes. · Currently when you finish a globe, their personalities will certainly show up in the academy to be made use of in the lessons. Keep in mind: Dystopia personalities doesn"t go away now however they can still be discovered in the academy. · Currently when you full Jane"s tutorial for in major"s workplace in the academy (which will certainly require to be readjusted in the future, with the proper messages and also photos) a switch to handle the academy will certainly show up. · As opposed to program the slide program of pictures of Lashy as well as lodred with the trainees, this moment, in order to see the scenes, you"ll need to arrange the lessons in this administration switch. · There you"ll have the standard topics however you"ll have the ability to buy brand-new topics, along with even more class structures (in future there will certainly be extra structures however are not applied yet). · Likewise you"ll have an area to handle the routine of lessons, choosing specific educator, pupils, lesson specific time as well as class. If you select an educator or a team of trainees that is currently arranged for the very same hr in one more class, a pop-up will certainly appear to advise you, informing you that they are currently picked. If the instructors as well as trainees are in lesson time or complimentary time, · Included a bar that reveals. Although currently absolutely nothing occurs throughout the spare time. · If you address the moment you arranged to the courses, you"ll discover a symbol on it informing you which lessons is within as well as if you enter you"ll locate the ragdolls of the trainees and also the instructors. If you click them as well as they currently have a picture for the lesson, it will certainly show up (in future with a brief occasion) yet otherwise an area owner will certainly appear. · Today you can"t gain desire power, yet we have actually included sufficient so you can inspect the academy monitoring a little, also if not finished yet. · Lodred and also lashy, Tina, Jane"s globe trainees as well as dystopia pupils have photo for the fundamental lessons and also in order to examination, Lashy as well as Lodred have a computer animation for the "team" lesson, although in future it will certainly not be caused there due to the fact that you"ll need to level up the educators to get computer animations. · Included gallery. Today just readily available for 10$+ clients with a debug code but also for following variation it will certainly be open initially as well as the computer animations as well as photos will certainly obtain opened as you discover them in the game.Content recap: Regarding 43 brand-new photos and also 1 animation.Known insects: · Once you total Dystopia globe the personality show up in the academy however doesn"t vanish from Dystopia. · If you wear"t pick a lesson for a particular hr as well as course yet you choose trainees or instructors it can provide problems.Gallery code: kgabrakadabraChapter 3 1.5.5 AlphaAdded 14 New personalities (2 of them are dual) with their very own dustcloth dolls as well as character with face for the Dystopia globe. · Included 61 Photos (15 personality Avatars, 14 Personalities ragdolls, 32 Occasions). · Included 3 Computer animations. · Included around 175 brand-new occasions. (+20.000 words that amounts to 60-80 publication web pages approx.). · Included titles over the cloth dolls of the personalities with their name. The titles are revealed when pushing Alt or by aiming them with the computer mouse. · History songs changed. (Just 2 primary motifs currently, even more motifs will certainly be included the future) · Audio quantity mistake when running the video game taken care of. · Pathfinder technicians (when Jane/Elana dustcloth doll's cross the locations) boosted to readjust much better to the history. · Area Video camera changed (Gamer factor sight) · Smooth shifts with the locations (currently it discolors in black from one to an additional). · · · · History Blur when connecting with the characters.NOTES:-The globe of dystopia can be finished up until the last personality from the royal residence. Still, the last occasion can be begun, however the last mini-game as well as the closure of the globe will certainly be completely executed in the following launch along with the brand-new material.- Ailyn beginning occasion when she asks Elana to do 3 pursuits, pertaining to Doh'ly, Farms as well as Trate, 2 of them (Doh'ly as well as Farms) will not go away from the occasion regardless of you have actually finished them, still, as soon as you have actually finished the 3 pursuits (and also as a result, the entire occasion), the personality will certainly advance as designated and also the occasion will certainly be shut.+We"ve repaired some small problems of the initial globe, yet there are a few other (not actually impactful on the video game) that we desire to choose the upcoming releases.-When seeing a discolor in black or a huge "motion picture" occasion, attempt to not click the display, since that still offers the command to stroll to Elana"s dustcloth doll and also makes her relocation, regardless of the map paths are not developed, making Elana leave of the roadways as well as transforming the fairy right into a ridiculous astronaut of the limitless clouds.Chapter 3 1.2 Alpha · Included all personality of the beginning location with their ragdolls as well as characters with the exception of the character of Wanabequinn (the expressions in cases will most likely be readjusted in future. Likewise there are some aesthetic appeal modifications to do below, for instance Ari"s character can be copied relying on which activity you pick or a picture of Lord Smither is lost). · Included all images/animation of the personalities of the beginning location. · Included a noise (laugh) to understand when a personality"s progression has actually progressed and also you need to determine the following action to affect them (placeholder). If you pick the ideal activity to take, according to the personality you"re talking to, a women laugh will certainly be listened to, as well as a brand-new communication (climate it is asking or asking a support to play some video games) will certainly be offered. · Included a fundamental U.I. choices as well as the opportunity to change the language to Spanish. If it was, · Included all things of the first location (there is no supply yet however all job as. You can discover things behind-the-scenes of the locations or acquire them from the personalities). · Included songs (still location owners). BETA 1.7 Updates: We understand we stated this variations would certainly trigger not a problem with the old conserves yet due to the modifications we made it can create insects. We still leaved the alternative to pack them yet recognize that this can occur (likewise if you where in a sophisticated component of the phase, you will certainly not have the ability to enjoy brand-new material:p). The battle it"s been examined yet, because we have actually included remedies that includes results to the battle, we"ve been compelled to readjust a little the battle. We"ve not located any kind of pest however there is an opportunity that those might show up as well as we"ll maintain doing some screening. Likewise we would certainly value a whole lot if, in situation you discover any kind of insect, you report it to us.Added some sounds.Bugs fixed.Now all information is consisted of in the journal rather than being divided (details of the citizens, opponents, allies however additionally currently, the note Elana discovers in the church and also the listing of dishes in addition to the fallen short mixes). Mission log readjusted. Currently the missions finish when they need to, Jane"s mission doesn"t reveal a brand-new action up until you open it and also when you open up the mission log the brand-new mission will certainly show up with a notification.All interface of the food selection has actually been adjusted.Now when you capture the darkness fairies making use of the additional angelic container you can acquire in the abandoners camp throughout evening, you can utilize them via the inventory.After finishing the chain of occasions of the girl of darkness you call her via an amulet in the stock which opens the gallery.The components for the dishes has actually altered as well as currently it doesn"t issue the order you placed them in the laboratory device (likewise as claimed you can examine the dishes and also the stopped working mixes in the journal). Currently the remedies you can craft job in addition to some amulets however a number of themAdded the archives in the castle with 6 occasions. This location obtains opened at the end of the chain of occasions of the queen as well as the king. At the end of the chain of occasions of the archives you can obtain award returning to the location (a remedy, desire power, a dish for the laboratory in the academy ...). Included 3 occasions in the warm springs.Added 5 occasions in the elven city (this occasions show up after enjoying the last occasion of the elven queen). Included occasions from the surveys. One occasion in the elven city, one in your homes throughout the day, one in your houses throughout the evening, one in the castle throughout the evening as well as one in the woodland throughout the night.Added 3 photos for the occasions in the academy throughout the day.Added 1 pictures for the occasions in the woodland throughout the day.Added 1 pictures for the occasions in your homes throughout the day.Added 5 pictures for the occasions in the castle throughout the day.Added 1 photos for the occasions in your homes throughout the nightAdded 1 pictures for the occasions in the castle throughout the night.Added 1 pictures for the occasions in the Alaina"s chain of events.Added 2 photos for the occasions of the guards throughout the night.Added 27 pictures for the occasions of the merfolks and also the octopus people.Added 9 photos for the occasions of the wild people.Added 2 photos for the occasions of the male elves.Added 10 photos for the occasions of the women elves.Added 3 photos for the occasions of the warm springs.Added 2 photos for the occasions of the dark fairies.Added 4 pictures for the occasions of the insurgents camp.Added 3 photos for the occasions of the abandoners village.Added 5 pictures for the occasions in the archives in the castle.Added 1 photo for the occasions of the woman of shadows.Added 10 pictures for the last attire of the employees in the tavern.Added the photos of the conditioning of the tavern.Gallery updated.BETA 1.6 Included as well as took care of some audios. · Repaired pop-ups for the monitoring of the fans of Elana. · Taken care of pest at the end of the introductory. · Taken care of insect that made reboot the chain of occasions of Kaeryn and also currently her chain can be completed (consisted of the occasions from the surveys that ought to had shown up in the previous variation). · Took care of an insect that made the video game break when some assaults with impacts like stun were made use of on Hulbert while he had his defense bubble. · Text changed generally locations throughout night and day besides the church (if you locate any kind of mistake or typo as well as you intend to inform us we"ll more than happy to repair it). · Altered food selections user interface. Currently you access the food selections via a switch in the leading right of the display. Key modifications:- Currently in Elana"s area you can transform in between night and day and also not simply evening likebefore.- Supply boosted and also split in between normal products and also mission products. There is a littlearrow in the sides of the display to alter in between them however it"s not the last version.We are still operating in the appearances as well as the performances of this component. Additionally in thequest products area, currently you can see a switch with all the significances of the spirits andknow you"ll simply require one container to accumulate them. Likewise when you enjoy the information of theitems in both areas, you"ll see a switch with words "accio." Due to the fact that itis under building as well as it just shuts the pop-up of the information, this is just.- Battle area included. There you can see the fight statistics as well as transform the settings ofthe spirits for the fights.- In the spirits area you"ll see the spirits you have as well as if you click them you"ll seetheir primary photo, their statistics as well as a switch to recover them utilizing among their significances (westill need to include info as well as capabilities in this area). · Included the photos for the strikes of the spirit of knowledge and also appetite, the photo for the times Elana regrows her endurance, magic or power in fight and also the symbols for, the poets strikes, Loola"s strikes as well as knowledge strikes (close to the symbols, 8 pictures). When you send out the fans of Elana to affect various other citizens, · Included 3 computer animations for the sex activities of citizens with citizens. When you send out a citizen to affect one more citizen, it reveals arbitrarily the sexual activity or the sex activity however in future we"ll include the opportunity to select what activity you desire the citizen to execute. · Included 1 computer animation for a day occasion of the church. · Included 1 computer animation for a day occasion of the academy. · Included 7 pictures for day occasions of the academy. · Included 1 picture for a day occasion of the church. · Included 2 photos for day occasions of the marketplace. · Included 5 pictures for evening occasions of the academy. · Included 5 photos for evening occasions of the woodland. · Included 2 photos for evening occasions of your houses. · Included 6 photos for evening occasions of the castle. · Included 3 pictures for evening occasions of the church. · Included 6 photos for evening occasions of the ranches. · Included 2 pictures for evening occasions of the marketplace. · Included 6 pictures for evening occasions of the pub. · Gallery updated.Alpha 1.8.2 · Included the occasions for the wild individuals with basically 23 occasions as well as 19 pictures. The location have 2 feasible ends yet the incentives of the closings are not carried out yet. · Included a minigame with 3 phases to progress with the location of the wild individuals. · To finish the location you'll additionally require to check out the blacksmith (3-4 occasions), and also have the magic amulet to gather active ingredients (questlog clarify it detailed). · Included Morrow (funded by Morrow) with 5 occasions as well as 2 pictures. When it ought to appear it's not yet in the video game, there is one photo left yet the component of the video game. Her chain of occasions start the 2nd time you most likely to the eastern of the island. 2 of the occasions activate just by strolling there, then there is a clickable occasion in the course to the eastern (very same area where their very first occasions activates). And after that you'll need to finish the initial stage of the minigame to be able to see her 2 last occasions. · Questlog upgraded.