Mistake:. onLoad stopped working in loadNamespace() for "rJava", information: phone call: enjoyable(libname, pkgname) mistake: JAVA_HOME can not be figured out from the Windows registry Mistake: bundle or namespace tons stopped working for 'rJava'I attempted re-installing both the Java and also the R program with the most up to date versionsbut still obtain these mistakes. May I recognize just how I can fix this? Thanks significantly!


This mistake is frequently solved by mounting a Java variation (i.e. 64-bit Java or 32-bit Java) that fits to the kind of R variation that you are making use of (i.e. 64-bit R or 32-bit R). This issue can conveniently impact Windows 7 customers, considering that they could have mounted a variation of Java that is various than the variation of R they are utilizing.



Mount 64 little bit Java from https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp.Then in home windows cmd runsetx course "C: \ Program Documents \ Java \ jre1.8.0 _ 211 \ container \ web server;%COURSE%"(ensure your course is proper).

Then in RStudio runSys.setenv(JAVA_HOME="")

Currently, you ought to have the ability to run rJava!!



I obtained the exact same mistake dealt with by mounting exact same variation of R as well as Java i.e. 64 little bits as well as by hand upgrading the course i.e.,

Sys.setenv(JAVA_HOME="C:/ Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0 _ 121") # for 64-bit variation


R for Windows installer mounts by default both 64-bit as well as 32-bit documents. Re-installing R and also unticking 32-bit component addressed the issue for me.

As stated in the r-statistics connect pointed out over, you need to by hand download and install the 64-bit variation of Java. Otherwise, then the 32-bit variation will certainly be set up.

So, if you have a 64-bit os, then make certain that both R as well as Java are making use of the 64-bit installs. Or else, this trouble will certainly continue.

Under Windows 10, initially inspect your (running) R-Version:

R.versionIf you see something like x86_64, a 64-bit variation of Java is required.

Just downloading and install as well as setting up the matching Java variation (https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp) fixed the trouble for me. No reinstall of R required (as recommended by various other customers right here). There likewise was no requirement to establish the course clearly.

This has actually been eliminating me and also I have actually attempted several techniques over, it doesn"t job. After, I blend all option to attempt as well as listed below procedure helps me.

Mount Java for 64 bitRun listed below code in home windows commandsetx course "C: \ Program Documents \ Java \ jre1.8.0 _ 171 \ container \ web server;%COURSE%"(please alter the address acorrding to your dvm.dll actual address)Run listed below in R studioSys.setenv(JAVA_HOME="")Then I lastly can runlibrary(rJava)collection(xlsx)
I encountered the very same concern as well as was really feeling extremely down as I couldnt obtain my evaluation done. This helped me:

uninstall previous variations of Java.

erase rJAVA collection from Doc> R> win-library. Make certain you erase rJAVA plan from all of them if you have even more than 1 variations of R.

mount Java based upon system demand (64 little bit or 32 little bit).

and also ultimately reactivate R prior to as well as after setting up rJava plan.

, if R is 64-bit variation make certain to set up Java 64-bit variation!!

, if R is x86-bit variation make certain to mount Java x86-bit variation!!

You can include INSTALL_opts=c("-- no-multiarch") to your install_github() telephone call: devtools:: install_github("mne-tools/mne-r", INSTALL_opts=c("-- no-multiarch"))

For even more details: https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-r/issues/5#issuecomment-489588267

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I have actually set up plan "xlsx" in my R, however when attempt to open up the collection "xlsx", it cautioned that the bundle lots fell short
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