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Searching For Loot Around Walden Fish pond¶ & para;

Fast-travel to a location more detailed to your location(Abernathy Ranch and also Wicked Delivery Fleet Lockup does penalty) then head southern to locate a pond. Along the north-western side of this lake you can discover a completely dry, sloppy stream bed, depending on which is a dead Raider that has the note “& ldquo; Raider”& rsquo; s Keep in mind & rdquo;, which will certainly inform you concerning some Caps to the south-east in a location called Walden Fish pond. Well & hellip; a tiny detour never ever injured any person, right? Head eastern along the north end of the lake till you locate a bridge running south-west. Cross the bridge as well as eliminate whatever Raiders enter your means, then proceed uphill to the west to discover Sunlight Tidings Co-op. Simply obtain close sufficient to obtain the map pen, then transform west.

In between the fish pond as well as the lake you can discover a deserted store, within which you’& rsquo; ll discover a couple of Make shif Bomb catches, a Travel suitcase and also a door to the Present Store On the wall surface near this door you’& rsquo; ll discover a & ldquo; Keep in mind to Tweez & rdquo;, which will certainly route you to a drain pipeline. You & rsquo; ll discover this pipeline downhill, near the side of the water, to the eastern, however if you can select the lock to the door, you could also provide it a shot for the XP. The majority of will most likely make use of the drain pipeline, nonetheless, to make sure that’& rsquo; s the presumption the overview will certainly make. Along the road, make sure to see David Thoreau’& rsquo; s cabin to the eastern as well as pay attention to the automated excursion, or, additionally, you & rsquo; re a vicious that doesn’& rsquo; t like find out about a weirdo enduring in the wild to hellip & verify; something concerning not consuming meat as well as being self reliant, or something.


Discover a water drainage pipeline near Walden Fish pond (left) which brings about a Raider Den. Inside you’& rsquo; ll discover a Story of a Junktown Jerky Supplier publication (right).

Get in the drain as well as get to pipeline as well as proceed via it up until you locate a little chamber inhabited by 2 Raiders; Bear as well as Tweez. Eliminate them, then order a concern of Stories of a Junktown Jerky Supplier from atop a barrel to the south-east. Proceed eastern right into some even more passages then right into a tiny concrete chamber, where you’& rsquo; ll discover Whiplash and also Walter, the latter of which is the leader of these Raiders. Eliminate them and also loot Walter to get the Present Store Trick, which unlocks to a safe as well as the surface area in the area where Walter prowled. As soon as this risk-free has actually been ransacked, your objective of robbery Walden Fish pond is finished. Make certain to loot the Ammunition Box in this space, then get hold of the one-of-a-kind Wrench, Large Jim , off a steel table to the south-east.


Eliminate Walter, the leader of the Walden Fish pond Raider (left) then get the one-of-a-kind Tire Iron, “& ldquo; Big Jim & rdquo;(right).

The Leviathan of Walden Fish pond & para;

There & rsquo; s another difficulty you can take in the past you make your means to Sunlight Tidings Co-op. Locate the Walden Fish pond location to the eastern and also from there, head southern to locate a raised freeway, south of which you & rsquo; ll locate the burrow of a Super Mutant Leviathan. In a straight battle without Power Shield’, you & rsquo; re possibly mosting likely to have difficulty, yet there are methods to take this monster down. Initially, you can grow some mines as near to the camp as feasible, fire the monster to prompt it, then fire the nitroglycerins when the Leviathan nears the mines. A Bottlecap Mine and also a couple of Frag Mines ought to suffice to take it down. Or else, making use of sneak strike criticals to begin the battle and also a couple of crucial hits with a Sniper Rifle will certainly suffice, as well. After it’& rsquo; s dead, loot its strange take on Stonehenge, as there are a couple of containers with rewards existing around.

Backtrack to the Walden Fish pond map pen as well as from there head east. Along the road you can locate a shack occupied by an Investor as well as concerning a six felines. Yeah, insane cat-people still obviously prosper in the marsh. They’& rsquo; ll offer you scrap, however or else aren’& rsquo; t also intriguing. Proceed east adhering to the raised freeway to the south and also ultimately you’& rsquo; ll locate an extra earthbound roadway running north/south, near which the raised freeway divides, and also a turn off go to fulfill the ground. Under this turn off you can locate an arbitrary experience, and also atop the turn off some Artillerymans - a band of Mercenaries changing the Black Talons from After Effects 3 - have actually made a camp. Basically, this can be an active area on the map, as well as thinking about that 3 intrigues might be battling it out right here, you’& rsquo; ll most likely listen to the combating prior to you see it. Eliminate any kind of hostiles on the freeway, then adhere to the curving off-ramp till it rejoins with the primary freeway much in the air. Up on this freeway the Gunners have the almost all of their base, visible by the big windmill set up when traveling. Eliminate any kind of protection it might still have then loot some Footlockers in the rear of a sheared-off metro auto. If you comply with one more turn off to the south, you’& rsquo; ll locate one more Artilleryman checkpoint you can sack.


Near Walden Fish pond you’& rsquo; ll discover a Super Mutant Leviathan prowling around (left). Clear Sundown Tidings Co-op to assert the area as a negotiation (right).

Sunlight Tidings Co-op¶ & para;

Leave the freeway and also return west to get to Sunlight Tidings Co-op as well as get in a shack along the north-eastern end of the complicated, where you’& rsquo; ll discover some Feral Ghouls. Place them down, then discover an additional structure to the south, where you’& rsquo; ll locate the Sundown Tidings Terminal Hack the incurable to discover that some robotic liberty radicals hacked the Mr. Handy right here to hellip & be; well, ineffective. Select the access “ & ldquo; <> Mr. Handy Control> & rdquo; and also you & rsquo; ll obtain the alternative to & ldquo;