What are your ideas on Fernald? Do you assume he ultimately retrieved himself as an excellent individual? Exactly how do you believe he shed his hands? Do you assume he endured from the Great Unidentified?

Your last inquiry virtually addresses itself, I’& rsquo; m terrified. The Great Unidentified is a secret, so I intend we’& rsquo; ll need to approve the reality we’& rsquo; ll never ever see Phil, Fernald, Fiona, Captain Widdershins and also the Quagmires once more. It doesn’& rsquo; t mean they always passed away in the experience, simply that they and also the Baudelaires won’& rsquo; t cross courses once again in this life.

& hellip; there was a spiritual allegory shed there someplace, wasn’& rsquo; t it?As to Fernald’& rsquo; s amputation, Daniel Trainer has actually talked on this subject himself!

17. Just how did the Hook-Handed Male shed his hands originally?I sanctuary’& rsquo; t actually determined yet. Yet I may make something up.

& hellip; you appreciate our discomfort, Daniel. Please note this meeting was made prior to“& ldquo; The Meat-eating Circus” & rdquo; appeared, however.All we understand

regarding Fernald’& rsquo; s dual amputation is that he desires not to mention it:

“& ldquo; Fiona! & rdquo; thehook-handed guy sobbed. “& ldquo; Is it actually you?”“& rdquo; & ldquo; Aye, & rdquo; themycologist stated, removing her triangular glasses to clean away her rips.“& ldquo; I never ever believed I would certainly see you once again, Fernald. What occurred to yourhands?”“& rdquo; & ldquo; Never ever mindthat, & rdquo; the hook-handed guy “stated swiftly. & ldquo; Why are you below? Did youjoin Matter Olaf, as well?”

& rdquo; I utilized to believe it had something to do with the damage of Anwhistle Aquatics or his stepfather, however viewing as he doesn’& rsquo; t have any type of concerns speaking about these subjects, it’& rsquo; s possibly not that.A feasible hint is the concept that Fernald the Hook-handed Male is meant to be a recommendation to Captain Hook, the atrocious pirate from James Matthew Barrie’& rsquo; s & ldquo; Peter Frying pan & rdquo;. And also we understand that Captain Widdershins despises pirates:

We’& rsquo; ve been attackedby bad guys as well as leeches, by sharks as well as real estate agents, by pirates as well as partners, bytorpedoes and also mad salmon!

“& ldquo; Your lumbers! & rdquo; the captain wept back. “& ldquo; Are the Baudelaires exercising piracy? Aye! My paradises! If yourparents understood that you were swiping the prizes of others –”

-- & rdquo; We additionally recognize that pirates canonically exist in the collection (the well-known Women Finnish Pirates enter your mind). In addition to that, Daniel Trainer was still creating his grown-up unique“& ldquo; We Are Pirates & rdquo; at the time, whose lead character (Gwen) is a miserable teen that rebels versus her daddy by accepting a life of piracy.Are we suggested

to see resemblances in between Gwen and also Fernald? Removing hands is a typical penalty for burglary & hellip; Did Fernald experience an unfavorable altercation with pirates in addition to his participation with Olaf’& rsquo; s troupe?As to Fernald’& rsquo; s principles, it & rsquo; s feasible that Fiona’& rsquo; s as well as Fernald & rsquo; s dishonesty in fact had something to do with liberating the youngsters required to paddle aboard Olaf’& rsquo; s submarine: & ldquo; You can’& rsquo; t count on partners. A lot more partners have actually failed me thanI can count. Why, Hooky and also Fiona double-crossed me simply the other day, and also allow you bratsescape! Then they double-crossed me once more as well as swiped my submarine!”

“& rdquo; & ldquo; I failed you, & rdquo; Set claimed unfortunately, as well as coughed. & ldquo; Quigley handled to reachthe self-reliant warm air mobile residence, equally as I wished he would certainly, andhelped his brother or sisters as well as Hector capture the treacherous eagles in anenormous web, while I fulfilled Captain Widdershins and also his stepchildren.”“& rdquo; & ldquo; Fernald and also Fiona? & rdquo; Klaus stated, describing the hook-handed male whohad when benefited Matter Olaf, and also the girl that had brokenhis heart.“& ldquo; Yet they betrayed him–-- and also us.”“& rdquo; & ldquo; The captain had actually forgiven the failings of those he had actually enjoyed,” & rdquo; Set stated, & ldquo; as I wish you will certainly forgive mine, Baudelaires. We made a desperateattempt to fix the Queequeg as well as get to the Dilemmas as their aerialbattle proceeded, as well as showed up in the nick of time to see the balloons of theself-sustaining warm air mobile house pop under the vicious beaks of theescaping eagles. They toppled to the surface area of the sea, andcrashed right into the Queequeg. In minutes we were all castaways, treadingwater in the middle of all the products that endured the wreckage.”

& rdquo; So Fiona and also Fernald swiped the Carmelita from Olaf as well as yet they never ever utilize it. Its detainees are never ever stated once again. It’& rsquo; s feasible they deserted the submarine as well as allow the kids go complimentary prior to they made their method to Hector’& rsquo; s self-reliant mobil-home. Which would certainly be the beginning of a redemption roadway for Fernald.

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