| --------|| --------|| --------|| --------|| --------|| --------|| --------|Heart-to-Hearts. Notes:- It is NOT called for to collect yellow bubble intel prior to taking part in heart-to-heart occasions- It is called for to be at the degree of fondness defined numerically for the heart-to-heart occasion (i.e. the initial one calls for one heart of fondness to cause).- It is called for that the personality concerned NOT remain in your event. As well as, the personality concerned have to NOT go to their normal hang-out place.- Heart-to-hearts just happen at the time of day defined.- Heart-to-heart occasions for DLC personalities as well as Lao do not influence section reconnaissance or conclusion prices.- Some pursuits need accessibility to an animal for the BLADE Barracks. This choice can by opened by finishing the "9 Lives" affinty objective, which opens a feline. Additional opitions for family pets can be opened by finishing various other fundamental goals from the BLADE rout. Pet dogs can bechosen from the Baracks Personalization screen of the BLADE Barracks.- There are often demands for sure heart-to-heart events.For instance, finish some fondness goal or finish a tale phase. If the personality concerned remains in their common hang-out place while defined listed below, then these demands havenot yet been fulfilled, whatever they are.Lao:1. Residential District/DeliverencePark/In center of the park, beside a dog/Early early morning (family pet canine needed)2. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hanger/Out before the wall mount entrance/Night (calls for finished "A Pal in Requirement" fondness objective)3.Ma-Non Ship/Deck/Hallway to Starboard side/Anytime4. Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/field nearby eastern of the plant/Morning5. Management District/BLADE Tower/north balcony forgeting the city of NLA/Anytime(KEEP IN MIND, Missable: Do all Lao"s HTH prior to beginning Ch.9)H.B. (DLC)1. Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/2 Hex Northwest, Straight before the plant/Morning2. Industrial District/Integrated Manufacturing Plant/1 hex North, Straight before the plant// Very early Morning3.Residential District/Ishmael Heights/1 hex north, On the pathway alongside 2 women/Anytime4. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hangar/3 hex southern, outside the hangar/Early Early morning (calls for finished "Rising" fondness goal)5. Residential District/Ishmael Heights/1 hex Southeast/Early Early morning (calls for animal canine)Yelv (DLC)1. Business District/Barista Court/1 Hex South then 1 Hex Soutwest/Late Night2.Commercial District/North Founders Road/ East of his hang outalley, there's a number of building and construction products there/ Late Night3.Commercial Area/ North Founders Road/ 1 Hex South East fromthe previous Heart to Heart, go across the street/Anytime (calls for finished "Arms and also the Male" heart fondness objective)4. Management District/Division Drive/1 Herx North then 1 Hex North-West, behind the huge building/Evening OR Evening, it appears to differ for various gamers as a result of unidentified factors(calls for finished "Yelv"s Companion" fondness goal)5. Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/1 hex soutwest/AnytimeBoze (DLC)1. Business District/North Founders Road/ 1 Hex southeast from hishang out spot/Morning2. Residential District/Ishmael Heights/East 1.5 hexes/Evening(needs family pet canine)3. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hangar/On the south step outside the structure, forgeting the gel, past the initiation website ofthe Blood Lobster quest/Evening4. Residential District/Cathedral/Cathedral"s Bell Tower/Morning(calls for finished "Boze"s Lack of knowledge" fondness goal)5. Residential District/Ishmael Heights/2 Hex south/AnytimeAlexa: (DLC)1. Industrial District/Integrated Manufacturing Plant/1 hex northeast, right before the plant/Early Morning2.Administrative District/BLADE Tower/about 3 hexes southern of the towerin a street before a contruction skell/Morning3. Residential District/Deliverance Park/Southwest 1 hex or so/Anytime(needs animal canine)4. Industrial District/North Owner"s Street/1 hex southwest/Anytime5. Management District/Hanger/2 hex south/Anytime (needs finished "What the Skell?!" fondness goal)Celica:1. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hanger/1 hex southeast/Afternoon2. Residential District/Deliverance Park/3 hex southern, straight north ofsports complex/Morning3. Business District/West Melville Street/2 hex north then 1 hexnortheast/Morning4. Industrial district/Integrated Manufacturing Plant/2 hexagons northwestthen 1 north/Any (pet dog feline needed)5. Industrial district/Outfitters Examination Hanger/2 hexagons northwest then1 hexagon southwest, on a tower over the examination hangar/NightDoug:1. Residential District/Ishmael Hills/1 hexagon southwest/afternoon(family pet canine called for)2. Industrial District/West Entrance Landmark/1 hexagon south/Morning3. Residential District/Sports Facility Landmark/Morning4. Business District/Central Melville Street/2 hexagonssouthwest/Anytime5. Management District/Armory Alley/1 hexagon northwest as well as 1 hexnorth/AnytimeElma:1. Industrial District/West Gate/1 hex Northeast/Afternoon2. Residential District/Ishmael Hills/5 hex north/Night (family pet catrequired)3. Business District/East Melville Street/1 hex north eastern then 1 hexsoutheast/Morning4. Ma-Non Ship/Starboard/1 hex north/Evening 5. BLADE Barracks/Barracks Interior/NightFrye:1. Industrial District/Repenta Diner/1 hex north/Late night2.Administrative District/Restricted Garage Entrance/hex North as well as 1 hex northeast/Late night3.Residential District/Deliverance Park/1 hex northeast then 1 hex north/Anytime (animal feline called for and also finished "Great Split" affinitymission)4. Business District/East Melville Street/1 hex Northwest/Anytime(calls for Wrothians in NLA)5. Industrial District/Integrated Manufacturing Plant/1 hex northeast/Anytime (needs finishing "Blitzkrieg" fondness misson)Gwin:1. Management District/Hanger/1 hex northwest then 1 hex southwest/Afternoon2. Residential District/Sports Complex/1 hex southwest/Late Night3.Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/3 hexnorthwest/Late Night4.Residential District/Sports Complex/1 hex northeast, then 1 hex north/Anytime (animal canine needed)5. Business District/West Melville Street/2 hex north/Evening(Irina likewise can not remain in your celebration)Hope:1. Residential District/Cathedral/1 hex southern, then 2 hex southeast/Afternoon2. Business District/East Melville Street/2 hex northeast then 1 hexnorth/Evening (calls for finished "A False Hope"?)3. Industrial District/central commercial area land mark/1 hexagonnortheast/Morning4. Residential District/Sports Complex/1 hex southeast/Anytime(animal canine needed)5. Industrial District/East Melville Street/2 hex north/anytimeIrina:1. Industrial District/Central Industrial district/1 hex southern, then 1 hex southeast/Night2. Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/1 hex south/Evening(animal canine called for)3. Management District/Hanger/2 hex southwest, near Doug"s hang outlocation/Morning4. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hanger/1 hex southwest/Anytime5. Industrial District/North Founders Road/ 1 hex Northwest/Anytime(Gwin additionally can not remain in your celebration)Lin:1. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hanger/1 hexagon southern, then 1 hexagon southwest/Night2. Business District/West Melville Street/Afternoon(pet canine called for)3. Management District/Division Drive/1 hex southern then 1 hexsoutheast, on the system over the Propestor"s area/Afternoon4. Industrial District/Barista Court/Evening5. Residential District/Deliverance Park/1 hex southwest in addition to twostacked products containers/Morning (needs Skell trip component as well as finished "2 Peas in a Sheathing" fondness goal)L:1. Industrial District/East Melville Street/1 hex south/Afternoon(calls for finished "Flourishing Breast" typical goal)2.Ma-Non Ship/Port Side/1 hex southern then 1 hex southeast/Late evening(calls for finished Ch.6)3. Residential District/Cathedral/1 hex southwest/Anytime(family pet feline needed)4. Business District/Central Melville Street/1 hex south/Anytime5. Residential District/Deliverance Park/2 hex south/Early MorningMia:1. Residential District/Ishmael Hills/2 hex north/Late Night2.Commercial District/West Melville Street/1 hex southern then 1 hexsoutheast/Late Night3.Industrial District/Outfitters Check Hanger/3 hex south/Late Night4.Commercial District/West Melville Street/1 hex south/Anytime(family pet feline called for)5. Residential District/Sports Complex/1 hex northeast/Anytime(needs finished "Mia Matures" fondness objective)Murderess:1. Residential District/Water Filtration Plant/2 hex southwest in abackyard at a table having tea with a man/Afternoon2. Industrial District/Central Melville Street/2 hex southeast, enjoying a group around 2 guys fighting/Night3. Industrial District/West Entrance Landmark/3 hexagons south/Anytime(called for finished "Rich Lady" fondness goal)4. Residential District/Deliverance Park/2 hex southeast/Anytime(family pet feline needed)5. Residential District/Ishmael hills/1 hex northeast/AnytimeNagi:1. Management District/Blade Concourse/2 hex southwest, then 1 hexsouth/Afternoon2. Industrial District/Outfitters Examination Hanger/1 hex northwest, then 2 hex southwest/Morning 3. Industrial District/North Creators Street/Morning4. Barracks/Barracks Interior/1 hex southeast/Anytime5. Residential District/Ishmael Hills/1 hex southern, then 1 hexsoutheast/AfternoonPhog:1. Residential District/Deliverance Park/1 hex west then 3 hex north/Afternoon (this set is tough to locate because it is beneath thedistrict ground degree)2. Residential District/Ishmael Hills/1 hex south/Anytime (pet dog feline called for)3. Residential District/Deliverance Park/1 hex southwest, then 2 hexsouth/Anytime4. Industrial District/Barista Court/1 hex southwest/Anytime5. Residential District/Deliverance Park/2 hex northeast, then 1 hex north/Anytime (needs finished "Blitzkrieg" fondness goal)