div Trip range from Miami to Puerto Rico (Miami International Airport Terminal-- Puerto Rico Flight Terminal) is 2678 miles/ 4309 kilometers/ 2327 maritime miles. Approximated trip time is 5 hrs 34 mins. fideliphone.com fideliphone.com Just how much is Puerto Rico from Miami? h2 p There are a number of methods to determine ranges in between Los Angeles and also Chicago. Below are 2 usual techniques: Vincenty"s formula b (used over)2677.777 miles4309.464 kilometers2326.925 maritime miles Vincenty"s formula computes the range in between latitude/longitude factors on the planet's surface area, making use of an oval design of the planet. p Haversine formula 2689.730 miles4328.702 kilometers2337.312 maritime miles The haversine formula computes the range in between latitude/longitude factors thinking a round planet (great-circle range-- the quickest range in between 2 factors). h2 Time distinction as well as present neighborhood times h2 p There is no time at all distinction in between Miami and also Puerto Rico. h3 Miami time to Puerto Rico time converter h3 Time in Miami: 00:00⇆⇆ Time in Puerto Rico: 00:00 br Co2 discharges h2 Usually flying from Miami to Puerto Rico creates regarding 296 kg of carbon dioxide per traveler, 296 kilos amounts to 653 extra pounds (pounds). The numbers are price quotes and also consist of just the carbon dioxide produced by shedding jet gas. Map of trip course from Miami to Puerto Rico Quickest trip course in between Miami International Flight Terminal (MIA) and also Puerto Rico Airport Terminal (PUR). p Airport terminal info h2 OriginMiami International Airport Terminal tr City: td Miami, FL Nation: USA imager_3_4294_700.jpg" alt="*" div td tr td IATA Code: td MIA td ICAO Code: td KMIA Collaborates: td 25°& deg; 47 & prime; 35 & Prime; N,″80 & deg; 17 & prime; 26 & Prime; W tr DestinationPuerto Rico Airport Terminal City: td Puerto Rico Nation: Bolivia td tr td IATA Code: td PUR td tr ICAO Code: td SLPR tr td Collaborates: td 11 & deg; 6 & prime; 27 & Prime; S, 67 & deg; 33 & prime; 4 & Prime; W table Relevant ranges from Miami(MIA) Miami to Cobija range(MIA to CIJ) td Miami to Rio Branco range(MIA to RBR) tr Miami to Riberalta range(MIA to RIB) tr Popular ranges from Miami (MIA) h2 td Miami to Los Angeles range (MIA to LAX) td Miami to New york city range (MIA to JFK) td tr Miami to London range (MIA to LHR) tr Miami to Dallas range (MIA to DFW) td tr Miami to Atlanta range (MIA to ATL) td Miami to Bridgetown range (MIA to BGI) td tr td Miami to Saint Thomas range (MIA to STT) td tr Miami to Chicago range (MIA to ORD) tr Miami to San Francisco range (MIA to SFO) tr Miami to Seattle range (MIA to SEA) td tr Miami to San Juan range (MIA to SJU) td Miami to Las vega range (MIA to LAS) td tr Miami to Panama City range (MIA to PTY) td tr Miami to Cancún range (MIA to CUN) tr Miami to Madrid range (MIA to MAD) Miami to Boston range (MIA to BOS) td tr td Miami to Denver range (MIA to DEN) Miami to Orlando range (MIA to MCO) Miami to Punta Cana range (MIA to PUJ) td Miami to Barcelona range (MIA to BCN) td tr br