Q - I"ve review that a stopped up clothes dryer air vent is a firehazard. Why is it a fire danger, and also exactly how do I cleanse it?-- S.K., St.Louis

A clogged up clothes dryer air vent can undoubtedly be a fire threat. If you thinkabout the air vent being packed with dust and also the warm clothes dryer air tryingto surpass it, it isn"t hard for a fire to start. I"veheard that hikers occasionally take a little bag of clothes dryer dust withthem to aid obtain a campfire began. That ought to provide you an ideaof the danger.If you wear"

t tidy your air vent routinely, you could discover thatthe clothes dryer takes longer to dry out a tons of clothing. In many cases, there is absolutely nothing incorrect with the clothes dryer, it"s simply that thecirculation of the warm is minimized by not having the ability to exit.The most convenient method to cleanse a clothes dryer air vent is to make use of an electrical leafblower, if you have one. Begin by relocating the clothes dryer bent on gainaccess to where the air vent enters into the wall surface. Eliminate the air vent hose pipe, which is generally connected to the clothes dryer with a 4-inchclamp or 3-inch. Loosening up the clamp with a

screwdriver will certainly permit you to removeit. For the fallen leave blower, you "ll require an accessory that takes place themotor body (rather than connecting the lengthy tube items that arenormally utilized ). We utilize a PVC 4-inch to 3-inch reducer, yet this maynot fit flawlessly for all fallen leave blowers, so you might wind up justtaping this reducer throughout of the fallen leave blower.Next, outside of your home, get rid of the air vent coverhousing, if you"

re able. In some cases these real estates are simply screwedon, so eliminating it shouldn"t be hard. Then, place the leafblower where the clothes dryer air vent starts at the clothes dryer place as well as letthe air impact every one of the dust out. This might take a couple of mins. Itis likewise an excellent concept to literally inspect the outdoors hosing, assometimes the dust might accumulate right here, right before it departures thehouse.If so, simply get rid of as long as you can by hand, then run the leafblower

once again. Later, it "s simply an issue of placing points backthe method they were.If you put on "t have an electrical fallen leave blower, you might have todisassemble the duct in order to

cleanse it. If you have thesolid, inflexible air ducts, this can take a fair bit of time. If you havethe adaptable air ducts, it is generally much easier to just change it, asthe price has to do with $15, as well as whatever you do, you"ll never ever getall of the dust out of them.Steve Cloninger is the proprietor of Obtain It Done House Fixes & Upkeep. See his web site at getitdoneinc.com.* * We lately asked visitors to send pictures of their office as well as picked a few of our faves for motivation.