This is an overview on where to obtain Hero Badges in Fire Symbol Heroes (FEH). To understand where"s the very best location to ranch Hero Badges, keep reading! p Just How to Obtain Hero Badges h2 h3 Decrease in the Training Tower p Hero Badges are products that are utilized in the Unlock Possible attribute that offers your systems a power-up and also raises their ★ score. p There are 2 kinds of Hero Badges - the smaller sized Badge and also the Greater Badge. p These are decreased in the Training Tower, with various kinds going down each day. p Hero Badge Decrease Daily h3 table Day Stratum Badge Kind tr Tuesday 1|5 td Wonderful Scarlet Badge td 6|10 Scarlet BadgeGreat Scarlet Badge td tr Wednesday 1|5 td Great Azure Badge td 6|10 td Azure BadgeGreat Azure Badge tr Thursday 1|5 Excellent Green Badge 6|10 Green BadgeGreat Verdant Badge tr Friday 1|5 td Great Transparent Badge tr 6|10 Clear BadgeGreat Transparent Badge td Saturday 1|5 Random Colored Hero Badge 6|10 Random Colored Hero Badge or Great Badge tr Sunday 1|5 td Random Colored Hero Badge tr 6|10 Random Colored Hero Badge or Great Badge td tr table br Ranch on Stratums 6-8 h3 You can spam Stratums 6-8 over and also over once more if you desire to farm Hero Badge. p Considering That Fantastic Badges are required to open possible from 4 ★ to 5 ★, you can make it through these Stratums rapidly to obtain a huge quantity of badges. p Make Use Of Live for Honor h3 p Live for Honor is an ability that enables you to acquire even more badges after completing a map. p Utilize this ability to ranch for even more Hero Badges! Systems With Live for Honor Hero NameLearns At div style="text-align: center" div Springtime Xander td 5 ★ div style="text-align: center" div Halloween Henry 5 ★ td how-to-get-great-badges-in-fire-emblem-heroes Springtime Kagero td 5 ★ table h2 Fire Symbol Heroes - Relevant Guides h2 FEH Overview Wiki Top Web Page div style="text-align: center" div ▶ Go back to the FEH Overview Wiki Top Web Page Popular Hyperlinks IV Mosaic Hero Rate Checklist td Rerolling tr div style="text-align: center" div Draw from These Summons! td Open Prospective Rate Listing imager_10_3079_700.jpg" alt="*" div Novice"s Overview tr how-to-get-great-badges-in-fire-emblem-heroes div All FEH Heroes td Abilities and also Spiritual Seals div style="text-align: center" Tool Refinery tr br