I Don"t Know What I Anticipated is a remarkable quote stated by Michael Bluth (played by Jason Bateman) in the 2nd episode of the comical television collection Detained Growth , which initially broadcast in 2003. Online, it is commonly made use of in response GIFs to reveal frustration in a subject or themselves for seeking a subject they recognize will certainly not lead to an adequate occasion.


The expression was initial said in "Leading Banana," <1> the 2nd episode of Apprehended Growth that premiered on November 9th, 2003. In the episode, Michael Bluth opens his fridge to discover a brownish paper bag identified "Dead Dove, Do Not Consume." Upon opening up the bag, which included a dove that had actually been unintentionally eliminated by his sibling Congeries Bluth (played by Will Arnett), Michael searches for with a perplexed expression and also says "Well, I do not recognize what I anticipated."


Via the last fifty percent of the 2000s, Michael Bluth"s quote was referenced by followers while talking about the program on <3> and also Cricketweb, <4> and also as very early as October 30th, 2010, a three-pane screenshot of the scene started flowing on Tumblr. <2> In 2011, the picture showed up in a string regarding the program on FanForum. <5> By February 2012, the picture had actually made its means to Reddit"s/ r/Funny <6> in an article entitled "Just how I really feel surfing r/Poop," accumulating 7,127 upvotes and also 197 remarks before being archived.


Additionally in February 2012, the photo showed up on chatter blog site Oh No They Really did not! <7> and also wit website FunnyJunk <8> to define individuals's responses to seeing images from Whitney Houston's open-casket funeral service as well as surfing 4chan, specifically. In April, the photo started showing up on 4chan"s/ tg/ <9> board (Typical Gamings). In December, a GIF variation (revealed listed below) of the scene was contributed to internet wit website PandaWhale. <10>


In January 2013, a still picture of the scene was sent to the/ r/ReactionJPEGs <11> subreddit which May, the computer animated variation was contributed to the response GIF data source Gifatron <12> in addition to We understand Memes. <13> Since October 2013, the single-frame still fired of Bluth"s response has actually been sent to Reddit 10 times <14> while the expression "I Do not Know What I Anticipated" has actually been utilized in greater than 18,000 blog posts. <15> The expression can be likewise viewed as a Tumblr tag, <16> however a lot of these articles do not use the Jailed Advancement photo or GIF.