Being a mathematician with mathematician pals, my good friends as well as I sometimes such as to joke concerning the peculiarities of the language. This turned up just recently:

Clearly, most sentences as well as expressions can not read up and down and also keep the exact same definition. As an example, "see this" as well as "this watch" have plainly various significances. In maths, we call this non-commutativity , as well as it is deeply fascinating. So the concern is, can any individual consider an expression or sentence which has the very same semantic significance when the words read from right to left?



Am I as tired as you are?Are you as burnt out as I am?

Words, undamaged, are kept in both instructions. The significance coincides yet words are various:



Enjoy this watch

Unless I"ve misinterpreted the concern, obviously.

EDIT: As well as in situation making use of the exact same initial as well as last word is ripping off, just how around

Course a path (eg. with a labyrinth)

The reverse kind still makes good sense, almost, I believe.

Basically for an A-B-C framework you"d demand sets of words that are both verbs and also nouns, and also have the very same definition in both detects. It"s a fascinating point to think of.


Among the sentences I, an eleven years of age, located that remains the exact same in reverse is:

mr owl consumed my steel worm

... as well as in reverse it is still:

mr owl consumed my steel worm.
"Right are you.""You are right."(Several words can be replacemented for "best," e.g., "wed;" & various other pronouns for "you," e.g., "they enjoy"/ "pleased are they.")

Since I"ve experimented with this, the only means it can function is if the subject and also the straight item coincide; or else, it will certainly turn around the activities.

I drove myself.

Myself drove I

While it seems strange, it does indicate the very same point, unlike this instance, where the DO is various.

I drove Jerry

Jerry drove I

I have actually simply gone to a workshop qualified "speech-accompanying motions". "Motions going along with speech" would certainly have the very same significance, I assume. Not a sentence, however.

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