www.youtube.com iframe div p This web page consists of the ranking as well as standard info for the card King of the Head Servants in Yugioh: Battle Hyperlinks. Keep reading to learn about decks and also suitable cards with King of the Head Servants, as well as exactly how to obtain King of the Head Servants. p br p Ranking td 5 b/ 10 td table Stamina This card has variable ATK. When it is ruined by fight, you can Unique Mobilize this card from your Graveyard. Weak point h3 The ATK of this card depends upon the variety of 2 certain beasts in your Graveyard. You should get rid of either particular beasts from your Graveyard to utilize the 2nd impact. This beast has 0 DEF. King of the Head Servants - Fundamental Details h2 Classification Result tr Rarity td SR Degree ☆ 1 td tr Associate Dark tr Kind Zombie Atk Def 0 td tr Forbidden/Limited tr Card Impact The initial ATK of this card is the mixed variety of "King of the Head Servants" and also "Head Slave" in your Graveyard x 1000. When this card is damaged by fight and also sent out to the Graveyard: You can eradicate 1 various other "King of the Head Servants" or 1 "Head Slave" from your Graveyard; Unique Mobilize this card. td tr Decks That Usage King of the Head Servants This card is not presently made use of in a details deck. Just How to Obtain King of the Head Servants h2 Beginner Deck This card is not presently component of a personality"s starter deck. td tr table h3 Receive from Store and also Tickets Exactly how to Obtain tr div td SR Desire Ticket h3 Incentives from Personalities Just how to Obtain tr Bonz td at Degree 20, 21, 45 table h2 Associated Hyperlinks h2 Beast By Card Kind All Monsters td Regular td div Impact td div style="text-align: center" Pendulum td div Routine td tr fideliphone.com Combination td div style="text-align: center" div Synchro Xyz td By Rarity UR td imager_11_1240_700.jpg" alt="*" SR fideliphone.com div R td fideliphone.com div N By Degree 1 td 2 td 3 4 5 td 6 7 8 td 9 td 10 td 11 12 td tr By Attribute tr div style="text-align: center" king-of-the-skull-servants-deck div Fire div Water td king-of-the-skull-servants-deck Wind td king-of-the-skull-servants-deck div Planet td div Light td div style="text-align: center" Dark td div style="text-align: center" Magnificent td tr Spells td All Spells td tr div style="text-align: center" Regular td div Outfit div Quick-Play td fideliphone.com Routine td king-of-the-skull-servants-deck div Constant td div Area tr table Catches h3 imager_28_1240_700.jpg" alt="*" div All Catches tr imager_29_1240_700.jpg" alt="*" Regular Constant td div style="text-align: center" div Counter Remark h2 Blog Post (0 Remarks) br Close Such Attribute p You can conserve a remark for later on by offering it a Like.As a participant: Obtain accessibility to numerous attributes!