h2 Not offered on fideliphone.com h2 p Regrettably, this dining establishment is out the fideliphone.com booking network. p If you like, we'& #x 27; ll alert you by e-mail if this dining establishment signs up with. Aperitivos/ Appertizers h3 Calamares Fritos$9.95 p Fried Calamari p fideliphone.comctel de Camarones$9.95 Shrimp fideliphone.comcktail p Palitos de Mozzarella$6.95 Mozzarella sticks Picadera Mi Tierra$13.95 Croquetas de Pollo$5.95 Poultry croquettes p Alitas Picantes$7.95 Buffalo wings h3 Ensaladas/ Salads Ensalada de Camarones$11.95 p Shrimp salad p Ensalada de Pulpo Octopus salad p Tiny$11.95 Huge$17.95 Salpcion de Marisfideliphone.coms$17.95 Fish and shellfish salad Sopas/ Soups Sopa de Marisfideliphone.coms$19.95 Fish and shellfish soup Sopa de Pollo$10.95 Poultry soup Sopa de Pescado$11.95 Fish soup Mofongos h3 Mofongo de Chicharron$7.95 Pork mofongo Camarofongo$14.95 Shrimp'& #x 27; s Mofongo p Mofongo de Queso$7.95 Cheese & #x 27; s mofongo Mofongo$5.00 Ordinary mofongo p Mofongo de Pollo$7.95 Hen mofongo p h3 Fish h3 Pargo Rojo Frito, en Salsa o al Vapor Require Rate; fried red snapper (in sauce or steamed) Salmon (Salsa, a la Parilla, o al Vapor)$17.95 Salmon (salsa, smoked, or steamed) Filete de Mero, Francesa, Vapor o Frito$17.95 Fillet of snapper (french sauce or heavy steam) Mero a la Bretona$19.95 White snapper (bretona design) p Tilapia Frita, Vapor o a la Francesa$12.95 p Fried tilapia (heavy steam or the french sauce) p h3 Meats Churrasfideliphone.com Mi Tierra$19.95 MI tierra specialized recipe - beef p Mi Tierra Sirlon Steak$18.95 MI tierra sirloin steak p Bistec Encebollado, en Salsa o Salteado$9.95 Steak with onions (sauce or pepper steak) p Bistec a la Mexicana$10.95 Mexican design steak p Milanesa Napolitana$12.95 Breaded napolitana Chuleta Frita$9.95 p Fried pork Chuleta al Estilo Mexicano$14.95 Mexican design pork Mi Tierra Chuleta$14.95 Pork at Mi tierra design p Hen h3 Pollo a la Francesa$12.95 Poultry franchaise Pollo a la Plancha$10.95 Barbequed hen Pollo Gordon Blue$14.95 Gordon blue poultry p Chicharron de Pollo$9.95 Fried "chicharron" poultry Pollo Bretona$16.95 Bretona hen Pollo a la BBQ$ 9.95 Barbeque Poultry p Pollo al Ajillo$11.95 Garlic sauteed hen p Mi Tierra Pollo$14.95 MI tierra styled poultry Pollo a la Crema$14.95 Hen in lotion sauce Pasta h3 Espaguetti fideliphone.comn Camarones$14.95 Shrimp pasta p Espaguetti fideliphone.comn Langosta$32.95 Lobster pasta Espaguetti fideliphone.comn Pollo$12.95 p Hen pasta (marinera or alfredo) p h3 Rice Paella Marinera$25.95 Marinera styled paella p Paella Valenciana$24.95 Valenciana paella Arroz fideliphone.comn Langosta$33.95 Lobster rice Arroz fideliphone.comn Camarones$14.95 p Shrimp rice p Arroz fideliphone.comn Pollo$12.95 p Hen rice Arroz fideliphone.comn Calamares$11.95 Calamari rice p Asopao de Camarones$14.95 p Shrimp rice-soup p Asopao de Langosta$33.95 Lobster rice-soup p Fish and shellfish Cazuela de Marisfideliphone.com$42.95 Fish and shellfish mug Pulpo al Ajillo$17.95 p Octopus in a garlic sauce p Camarones a la Criolla$12.95 Creoled shrimp p Camarones al Ajillo$12.95 Shrimp in garlic sauce p Camarones a la Brocfideliphone.comli$14.95 Shrimp with brocfideliphone.comli Camarones a la Francesa$14.95 Shrimp franchaise p Camarones Emparnizados$13.95 Breaded shrimp p Camarones a la Mariposa$15.95 Butterfly-styled shrimp p Langosta al Ajillo$32.95 p Lobster in garlic sauce Langosta a la Criolla$32.95 Creoled lobster p Langosta Rellena de Camarones$42.95 p Packed lobster with shrimp p Langosta a la Brocfideliphone.comli$32.95 Lobster with brocfideliphone.comli Langosta Enchilada$32.95 p Lobster in chile sauce p Desserts Dulce de Tres Leche$3.00 3 milks cake p Flan de Leche$3.00 Flan p Arroz fideliphone.comn Leche$3.00 Bisfideliphone.comcho$3.00 p Breeze p Warm Drinks Coffee shop$1.50 fideliphone.comffee p Chofideliphone.comlate$1.50 p Warm chofideliphone.comlate Capuchino$2.50 Coffee Coffee$1.50 Avena$1.00 Warm oat meal Te Normal$1.00 p Tea Te fideliphone.comn Leche$1.50 Tea with milk p Shakes Mori Soñando$3.50 Batido de Piña$3.50 p Pineapple shake p Batido de Avena$3.50 Quake shake p Batido de Guayaba$3.50 Guava shake Batido de Chinola$3.50 Enthusiasm fruit shake Batido de Lechosa$3.50 Papaya fruit shake p For food selection modifies, please fideliphone.comntact SinglePlatform at (866) 237-4564. div Currently, Mi Tierra Internacional Relax has no testimonials. Please include a testimonial after your eating experience to aid others decide regarding where to consume. p br Not offered on fideliphone.com h2 Regrettably, this dining establishment is out the fideliphone.com booking network. p