MidSouth Area Church of the Nazarene College of Ministry

Invite to the Trip of Pastoral Prep Work and also Research Studies

It is a benefit to invite you and also help you as you respond to God"s contact us to be God's priest in this globe. There are types with which you need to come to be acquainted. We motivate you to end up being aware of the USA/Canada Area Clergy Education and learning Page https://www.usacanadaregion.org/ministry/clergy-development/call-ministry/educ-requirements as well as numerous web links there. The type for registering your phone call ought to be completed and also sent out in per the instructions on the kind. We additionally recommend that you come to be acquainted with the Overview to Ministerial Prep Work as well as Investiture.

Together with Worldwide Clergy Advancement, the USA/Canada Area supplies the Modular Education and learning Program (previously, "Modular Curriculum"), among a number of non-degree programs developed to satisfy the Core curriculum demands for coronation in the Church of the Nazarene. The Modular Education and learning Program contains 25 components which should be finished to satisfy academic demands for coronation. Various other offered approaches to fulfill these needs consist of a level gotten from a Nazarene-approved establishment in a program developed to accomplish these demands. 6 components or the matching of 25% of the Modular Education and learning Program have to be finished for a prospect to obtain an Area Preacher"s Permit. The prospect needs to additionally have actually held a Citizen Priest"s Permit for a minimum of one year, have to be advised for an area certificate by the neighborhood church board where the prospect holds subscription, as well as the priest of the church where he/she is a participant. As soon as an area certificate is provided, the qualified priest should restore the his/her certificate yearly via a procedure that consists of yearly preachers' meetings. It is essential that the conclusion of documentation be gone back to the Area Assistant in a prompt way which a visit for a meeting be made via the Area Ministry Source Facility. This procedure likewise consists of finishing, as a minimum, a minimum of 2 training courses each year during Research study. An accredited preacher has the optimum of one decade to finish the Curriculum from the year of their very first area permit given. That size of time is implied to be helpful must it be needed as well as is not the "anticipated regular" time period required to finish the Curriculum.

As you start, below are various other factors of details:

Records ought to be sent out to Rev. James Lunsford for assessment if you have actually participated in a college or seminary. Some basic education and learning programs may be provided credit scores for a component. The records have to be main and also sent out straight by e-mail or post office from the establishment to:
Rev. James H. Lunsford, Jr. ATTN: Pastoral Researches 2713 Fly Roadway Santa Fe, TN, 38482
The MidSouth Area will certainly provide about 12 to 15 components every year, from August via May. The majority of these will certainly be used on a week evening for 3 hrs each conference. The sessions will certainly be provided making use of the area digital modern technology websites as well as will certainly be offered in Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, Clinton, MS, and also Hattiesburg, MS. The complete course time for components differs from 15-22 hrs of course time. There is a recommended series for starting this core curriculum yet it is not constantly relevant. It is suggested to be an overview. When components will certainly be supplied by the area, there is a 4 Year Strategy on this web page revealing. It is a recommended strategy as well as it is a liquid strategy as well as the detailed components to be provided can alter. To sign up for a component, please e-mail our registrar, Rev. Amanda Sparrow at amandarsparrow
gmail.com and also send her your $100 enrollment cost. (Make checks out to MidSouth Area Church of the Nazarene.) Costs are to be sent out to:
Trinity Church of the Nazrene ATTN: Rev. Amanda Sparrow 1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217
As components are being provided, a news e-mail will certainly be sent out to pupils on our subscriber list. Please send out amandarsparrow
gmail.com an e-mail asking for to be on our circulation listing to obtain alert concerning components. Components might likewise be taken via an online technique via Nazarene Holy bible University (NBC) or Northwestern Nazarene College (NNU). Signing up for components will certainly be done with those establishments if this is the choice. For info check out these establishments' web sites.

We comprehend the value of the procedure to total research studies demands and also to be thought about for consecration in the Church of the Nazarene. We urge inquiries and also they rate constantly.

MidSouth Area Modular Curriculum-- 4 Year ScheduleQuestions concerning this routine ought to be sent through e-mail to James LunsfordTo register for a course e-mail Amanda Sparrow and also mail your enrollment look for $100 (constructed to MidSouth Area Church of the Nazarene) to: Trinity Church of the Nazarene ATTN: Rev. Amanda Sparrow1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217Supervised Ministry Experience will certainly have one conference in August likewise at DMRC. Component Leader - Tracy Hoskins. Ministers in their in 2015 of their consecration program job ought to attend this session for this component that incorporates a minimum of 8-9 months of recording and also clarifying on ministry experiences.)
Analyzing Christian Heritage 1 - Phil Lindsley - provided through online class making use of Microsoft TEAMS - conference on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 for 8 weeks.
Discovering Nazarene Background & Polity - Kevin Ulmet - supplied by means of digital class making use of Microsoft TEAMS - conference on Thursday evenings from 6-9 for 8 weeks.
Exploring Christian Faith 1 - James Lunsford - provided by means of online class utilizing Microsoft TEAMS - conference on Monday evenings from 6-9 for 8 weeks.
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Overview to Ministerial Prep Work as well as Consecration for the Church of the Nazarene USA as well as Canada Area 2017
This Manual for Christian Ministries is created to lead you with the trip of getting ready for ministry.
This paper notes core curricula (level programs) that have actually been verified as satisfying the needs for clergy education and learning in the church of the Nazarene.