Is it ok to utilize this expression when someone ask you to do lunch at some point as well as you in fact do not wish to desire however go to be respectful?

If you really do not intend to provide the choice of doing Lunch afterward, what is the most effective method to state "no" nicely without injuring he or she"s sensations?


I am not really feeling up for it is not colloquial to me. It seems a conflation of 2 various expressions.

I am not really feeling up to it.

methods "I am not well adequate to do ...",


I am up for it

methods "I agree to participate in ...", with an effects that the task remains in some method difficult.


"I"m not really feeling up for it" is an expression made use of in the United States to show that, while the audio speaker may want to take part in the suggested task time in the future, today they"re so tired/ill/busy/ offended by the various other event that they put on"t seem like taking part at the existing minute.

The expression has the "benefit" that some level of fatigue/illness is suggested to be the reason for this denial (and also it"s not typically respectful for the various other event to "tear" regarding the factor for the "sensation"), so it"s not (overtly) a representation on the various other celebration or on the suggested task. Thus, it"s a moderately courteous means to reject an invite.


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