Lara jean keeps her love letters in naquela teal box offered to she by she mother. These estão not letters that she received são de anyone, however that she created herself. One for every young you loved—five in all. They ser estar sincere letters, without gamings or pretenses, complete of things Lara jean wouldn"t say come anyone, confessions of she deepest feelings.

Until 1 day these mystery letters are mysteriously sent out to the recipients, and todos of a sudden Lara Jean"s love vida comes fora of ns paper and becomes miscellaneous she can no decorrer longer control.

What to read after finishing this book?

Finishing reading a book us love constantly generates mixed feelings e the most typical thing is to look ao similar functions to proceed enjoying the pleasure. Listed below you have the right to check out some works based on a following criteria:

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bird boxJosh Malerman"s debut novel, box of birds is naquela tense and terrifying mental thriller that explores a essence the fear. A story that will certainly leave a reader totally breathless even after finishing reading. One glance is sufficient to trigger a violent and uncontrollable impulse that will fim in suicide. Nobody is immune e nobody to know what reasons this reaction in people. Five years after ns outbreak began, few survivors remain, consisting of Malorie e two young children. She dreams of escaping to a place where her família can it is in safe, but the trip that…Red, White e Blue BloodWhat can happen when a son that the presidente of ns United States drops in love com the prince of England? as soon as his mother foi ~ elected presidente of ns United States, Alex Claremont-Diaz came to be the novo darling of american media. Handsome, charismatic and with naquela strong personality, Alex has every little thing to follow in his parents" footsteps and achieve naquela career in politics, together he so desires. But when his família is invite to the british Prince Philip"s real wedding, Alex has actually to face his first diplomatic challenge: dealing com Henry, younger brother of Philip, the most beloved principe in a world, with…Paper Princess (The Royals #1)The primeiro book in a Royals series, the new americano new adult sensation. Ella Harper is a survivor. She never met she father e spent her vida moving from town to town com her mother, one unstable e troubled woman, believing the at some point the two would certainly be maybe to vai out of this suffocation. But agora the mother is dead, and Ella is alone. That"s as soon as Callum Royal, she father"s friend, appears, who promises to lift her fora of poverty. Ns offer appears tempting: der good monthly allowance, a promise the inheritance, naquela new life in the Royals" mansion, where he will live with the five children of…1984Originally published in 1949, Futuristic Dystopia 1984 is 1 of ns most influential romano of a 1984th century, an undisputed modern-day classic. Released der few month before a author"s death, that is a masterful occupational that quiet imposes itself as der powerful fictional reflection on ns nefarious significance of any type of totalitarian power. Winston, hero of XNUMX, george Orwell"s critical novel, resides trapped in the totalitarian gear of a society totally dominated by ns state, where every little thing is excellent collectively, but everyone lives alone. Enquanto one escapes a surveillance of huge Brother, ns most renowned literary personification of cynical power and…505: naquela Love the VibratesA musician, naquela Brazilian girl. Novo York in a middle. Packed com an indie and contemporary soundtrack, ns book brings us der love story between an architecture student and a rock star. Collection in Brooklyn, "505 – a Love that Vibrates" is a quest ao love e happiness, an encounter complete of pleasure e achievement, naquela fight para love security, dreams, romance. Desires e desires exposed like der storm full of thunderstorms. Beautiful e intriguing.Love & GelatoAfter her mother"s death, Lina is left with a mission come make 1 last request: walk to Italy to meet her father. Overnight, she find herself in a famous Tuscan countryside, vida in naquela house located on a same grounds as der World battle II american soldiers memorial cemetery, with naquela man she had never heard of. Despite the architectural beauties, a city"s history e the exorbitant food, what Lina most quer is to operation away. However things start to mudança when she receives an old diary são de her mother. In him,…CarrieUntil 1972, Stephen king was still der teacher who salary ser estar barely sufficient to support his wife, Tabitha, e their dois children. In his preventive time, he created suspense stories, i beg your pardon were constantly rejected by publishers. It foi ~ then that he finished yet one more work. Then, however, disillusioned with the publishing business, rei threw it out the window. It foi ~ Tabitha who convinced him to retrieve a originals and try again. Sent to an editor, ns book ser estar accepted. Carrie the Stranger ser estar born, a work that launched Stephen king on the world literature scene. Ns book narrates a tormented adolescence of der troubled young woman, persecuted by she peers, teacher and…turtles down thereTurtles down to aqui After six years, millions of livros sold, dois blockbusters and a legion the passionate pan around the world, cara Green, author of ns unforgettable reprimand It"s the Stars, releases the most personal of tudo de his romano : Turtles down there. Ns story follows a journey that Aza Holmes, naquela 16-year-old girl who sets lado de fora in find of der mysteriously missing billionaire – whoever finds him will receive der hefty cash price – together he deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Complete of references a partir de the author"s vida – amongst them, a so...Bezos" lettersLessons from the founder of uma of ns most beneficial companies in a world taken são de his messages to shareholders. Reading this publication is experiencing ns feeling of having Bezos together your company mentor, see what that sees, and applying those ideias to your job-related in means you might never have actually imagined. Michael Hyatt, author of This Is a Best Year the Your life Amazon revolutionized the way human being shop and was the empresa that most conveniently reached the $100 billion mark in sales. But she didn"t do todos of this by keeping...Dear JohnWhen john Tyree meets Savannah Lynn Curtis, he finds he is all set to começar his life over. With a bleak future, he, der young rebel, decides come enlist in ns army, after ~ finishing alto school. Throughout his leave, he meets the girl of his dreams, Savannah. The uns aos outros attraction conveniently grows e soon turns into naquela kind the love that provides Savannah promise come wait porque o him to complete his armed forces duties.

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Yet nobody suspect what was to happen, the attacks of September 11 would change their lives e the totality world. And like many brave men and women, john should pick between…