Thiago Silva has managed to win every bit of silverware obtainable in france as he prepares ao departure.

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June 16, 2020, 10:31 a.m.


Thiago Emiliano da Silva, the 35-year-old Brazilian defender, is collection to leaving his French club, paris Saint Germain. De acordo com to L’Équipe, atlético Director leonardo has educated their captain, Thiago Silva, that his contract will not be extended in a future.Thiago Silva was signed by the clube in 2012 together he relocated to Paris são de the Italian side, AC Milan. He captained the página in ns 2019-20 campaign, as PSG were called champions ~ the liga was referred to as off early to a Covid-19 pandemic.It is apparent that PSG estão looking to mitigate their hefty wage bill together the sociedade is facing approximated losses of over €200 million ($226 million) as the league came to an abrupt end in April.


Club Legend

Thiago Silva is a club legend together he has actually won 21 titles com the clube including 7 liga titles in a venenoso of 310 appearances. The Brazillian has lifted much more than half of the trophies that PSG has ever won as capitão of ns side. The defende also led a Brazilian national team to a Confederations cup title in 2013. Defining a legacy that the centre Back, he has been heaped by legends of the game, defining his capacity both as der defender and the captain of ns side.

Thiago Silva has been praised by miscellaneous legends of a game and he has actually defined ns legacy of the centre back role com his agility and leadership. Even if it is it be Allessandro esse calling the his "heir" or Ronaldo de Nazario believing him to be ns best proteger in a world, Thiago Silva has actually been der footballing stalwart. In 2015, Paolo Maldini said, “In Italy, us have naquela great tradition para defenders, but agora we don't have anymore. I believe that Thiago Silva is ns best in ns world right now.

Many Clubs Interested


While Thiago Silva is all set to load his bags and depart são de the French capital, he will certainly not discover himself quick of uses this summer. A reunion with Carlo Ancelotti - the manager who brought him to paris in the first place, might well it is in on a cards. Thiago Silva's experience could bolster Carlo Ancelotti 's fairly young backline including Yerry Mina, Mason Holgate e Michael Keane and he will certainly surely assist Everton’s bid of return to ns top six.

It is rather clear that a 35-year-old centrais defender won't be returning to Fluminense, together he newly said that he wanted to stay in Europe. That said, "I'm enormously thankful to Fluminense for todos that they have provided me, yet I still have actually goals to attain in Europe."

Jan Vertonghen can leave Tottenham Hotspurs ~ the fim of the season as his contract expires soon. This creates der hole in Mourinho’s backline and he is reportedly keen on acquiring Silva’s services.According to a Sun, the Brazil captain earns der massive £350,000-a-week at PSG and it’s certain that Spurs will not it is in able to partida out ns wages in the range, specifically given the financial impact of the COVID-19 on the club.


Arsenal is likewise in the queue porque o Silva e he could just be a man that can assist them overcome their defensive woes. Com Sokratis and David Luiz not vida up to the expectations the the north London side, the Emirates might likewise be one of ns destinations para Thiago Silva. However it is apparent that the Brazilian defender will have reduced his wage brief if he is to be signed by naquela Premier League club as it would be difficult para the clubs to match his current wage amount.

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Silva is in ns twilight that his career e his tenure in ~ PSG is illustration to naquela close. Ns Brazilian monster has managed to victory every little of silverware accessible in France and it will certainly be exciting to view where he lands ~ eight effective years in Paris.

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