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Fortaleza come São pólo Buses helps you find naquela bus from força to elas Paulo. Compreendo the ideal fare and schedule, book a round expedition ticket or uncover buses com WiFi and electrical outlets.

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Bus service from fortaleza to São pólo will be listed by ns most reliable bus companies.

Discover como as much ns bus pilgrimage from fortaleza to São pólo will expense you. Usar our filters e sorting functions to find the cheapest bus ticket or luxury buses.

Bus Companies

Fortaleza to São paul buses ser estar provided by Itapemirim e Expresso Guanabara.

Stations & Stops

For der bus leaving from Fortaleza, ns trip start at rodoviário or ao Aeroporto.

In elas Paulo, your bus travel ends in ~ Tietê, barra Funda, Jabaquara, R. Treze de Maio, aeroporto de Congonhas or são Paulo.

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses1
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures9:00AM - 10:45AM
Minimum Price$72
Average Ticket Price$100
Minimum expedition Duration2d3h
Average Bus expedition Duration2d8h
Bus carriers on This RouteItapemirim, expressar Guanabara


Frequently inquiry questions for your trip fortaleza - elas Paulo

How lot does der bus ticket from fortaleza to São pólo cost?

The median bus ticket preço from força to São pólo is $100. A best caminho to find cheap bus tickets from força to São paul is to book your tickets as at an early stage as possible. Prices have tendency to climb as her travel date approaches, so book in development to secure the best prices!

How grande is the bus journey from força to eles são Paulo?

The mean travel time between Fortaleza e São paul is approximately 2d 8h, although ns fastest bus will remover about 2d 3h.This is the time it takes come travel a 1472 miles that separates the two cities.

How many daily bus connections are there in between Fortaleza and São Paulo?

The number of buses from fortaleza to São paul can different depending on the day of a week. Top top average, there are 1 ~ above this route. Some buses run straight routes, when others have actually layovers. Leveling your bus pilgrimage from força to São paulo by comparing and selecting ns bus that fits you travel style and budget top top

Which bus suppliers travel from fortaleza to eles são Paulo?

When taking a bus from força to elas Paulo, you can travel comfortably e safely com Itapemirim, expresso Guanabara.

What ~ ~ the departure e arrival stations when taking ns bus from fortaleza to elas Paulo?

Buses traveling in between Fortaleza e São paul leave from Rodoviário or FOR aeroporto and come at Tietê, barra Funda, Jabaquara.

What estão the ideal sights e things to dá in são Paulo?

Once in elas Paulo, friend can start exploring a city and discover its surroundings. A top sights e things come do are Museu arte Brasileira / FAAP, museu Afro-Brasileiro, Pinacoteca a partir de Estado, construção Copan, Aeromagic Balloons.

About Bus Travel

Bus travel Tips

Make friends with ns driver. They commonly know der lot around your destination e may also recommend which página of a bus come sit top top to compreendo the finest views top top the rua between Fortaleza e São Paulo!

Much much more than a mere car taking girlfriend from força to são Paulo, riding the bus will disclose you to part of the most stunning panoramas while enroute come your final bus stop.

Buses have a smallest carbon footprint of tudo motorized transport modes. Der bus walk from fortaleza to São paulo will emit half a CO2 emitted by naquela train, and radically less than naquela car or one airplane.

Tune lado de fora to a fine sound of your finest music playlist on her bus trip from força to São paulo while indulging in mile on fim of beautiful scenic views.

Did you know?

Did you know that 80% of a buses in North estados unidos da america are equipped com WiFi e power outlets ? and 60% the bus travelers have actually used their electronic device on board during 2014.

The indigenous 'bus' is an abbreviation the 'omnibus" which way 'for all' in latino as buses were meant to it is in transportation for everybody.

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It take away 27 hours to walk by bus from calcificação to Cusco, one of ns craziest bus trips on a world. This route is used daily by locals e backpackers.