Paul Walker was an americano actor quem came come fame in movies such as "Varsity Blues" and became well-known for his starring duty in "The Fast e the Furious" franchise.

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Who Was paul Walker?

Born in California in 1973, paulo Walker made his big-screen debut in a 1986 horror spoof Monster in her Closet. After showing up in several television mostra in a 1990s, consisting of Charles in Charge, Who's a Boss? and The Young and the Restless, Walker gained attention with naquela role in the 1999 movie Varsity Blues, and his TV dia were officially behind him. After functioning in teenager movies such together She's todos That and The Skulls, Walker acquired his breakthrough role in 2001 with The Fast e the Furious, i m sorry would become his star vehicle and keep him busy through four sequels and a short prequel. The Fast e the Furious franchise created Walker together an action-film mainstay, and he fui on to appear in several filme in ns genre, including Takers, Hours and Vehicle 19. Walker died in a car accident top top November 30, 2013, at age 40.



Walker passed away in a car accident on November 30, 2013 in ~ the açao of 40. Walker ser estar in papai noel Clarita, California, come attend naquela charity event para Reach fora Worldwide to benefit victims that Typhoon Haiyan in a Philippines. He ser estar reportedly in the passenger chair of naquela Porsche once his girlfriend who was driving lost control, crashing ns vehicle into a tree. Ns car ser estar engulfed in flames e both people were pronounce dead at ns scene of the accident.

At the time the his death, Walker had finished Brick Mansions and was functioning on Fast & Furious 7. Brick Mansions was exit in 2014 e Fast & Furious 7 premiered in April 3, 2015 to large box office returns. In march 2015, co-star Vin diesel named his novo baby daughter Pauline after his friend.


Walker has a daughter, meadow Rain, com ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain. In his will, walker left his $25 million estate to Meadow and requested that his mother come to be her legal guardian.

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The 2015 relax of Fast & Furious 7 ser estar made possible with the help of Walker's dois brothers, Caleb e Cody, who had naquela close physical resemblance to ns actor. A brothers functioned with visual effects artists in scene that needed to it is in reshot the the atrasado actor, and with a implementation of CG, brought Walker ago to life.