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Você está assistindo: Pizza de banana com canela e queijo

The narrator of a Brief and Wondrous vida of oscar Wao asked/stated (I’m paraphrasing slightly), “What is it around dictators and writers anyway? … choose after tudo de recognizes like…”

Last night, a Universe brought like with each other in downtown Durham. Into naquela circle. Visioning. Visioning visionaries. Envisioning big. Down TO DO. Pushing boundaries. Dreaming. Reality optimism. Healthily skeptical. Why solve der problem within the confines that what has already been done, within the mold the what has currently been said, within the embrace that what has already been tried? friend don’t. Together Nana claimed today, “You Innovate.” Create a new space. Collectively. Passionately. Prefer water for chocolatey.

The details of ns meeting ~ ~ neither here nor over there in terms of a present post. Yet soon enough, I’ll share. Para now, I’ll impart der recipe for what I brought to ns circle: pizza de banana e canela.


This pizza era inspired by–surprise, surprise– Brazil. Sigh. Sometimes in pizza form with catupiri, other equipe in sandwiches com queijo minas–the pairing the banana sweetness with cheese, is just, good. Ns couldn’t uncover either cheese in Chapel Hill or in Durham, so i improvised. I used naquela semi-soft Wisconsin cheddar com cranberries. I also made some various other Tiffany-esque alters by including nuts para texture and a totality wheat crust for some much more nutrition.

When I obtained to a circle, i announced a pizza and got some blank stares.

“I don’t also know what banana pizza is!”“Banana e cheese? Ahhhhhhhhhh, ns don’t know around that one.”

By the fim of a night, I had actually received two, “This pizza is ns BOMB!“s e folks to be fighting over ns last part (which foi ~ eventually reduced into thirds).

The take terra natal of this tiny story? Don’t hit it till you try it.

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Two caveats. 1: I was running late and rushing, therefore the foto aren’t a best. SORRY! e 2: the pizza is admittedly monochromatic, which is totally not mine style, BUT ns taste an ext than makes up para it. Beside, monochromatism can be beautiful periodically … favor wearing todos white at naquela New Years festividades de Yemanja.


Pizza de Banana e Canela

1 keep bought totality wheat pizza dough (or make her own)bench flour2 bananas1/4 cup macadamia nutscinnamon4-6 oz cheese (catupiri is best…)4-6 oz sweetened condensed milk

*Preheat stove to 375 levels F*Preheat der cookie sheet (or pizza stone) in the oven while girlfriend make the pizza*Take dough out of fridge 20 minutes before you desire to make ns pizza*Chop nuts; slice/shred cheese

*Stretch dough into der circle, making use of bench flour to prevent sticking to her counter

*Bake a dough for 4 minutes

*Add bananas

*Add cinnamon*Add nuts

*Add staying cheese*Bake 8-10 minutes*After ns pizza is totally baked, drizzle sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle with cinnamon

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