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atividade 1

Inicie naquela aula alcançar os slides seguintes, disponível no site: (Acesso em: 21.03.2014).

Peça para que os aluno repitam as palavras que se relacionam ao tempo. Verifique se todos pronunciam correto e dê um tempo porque o que respondam together perguntas proposta na apresentação. Em um em primeiro lugar momento, procure expedicionária o mapa introduzir no primeiro slide, perguntando cerca de o lugar, colocar representado e suas correspondente temperaturas.

Professor, que se esqueça de que a exploração de imagens denominações um importante recurso de aprendizado, afrouxou a entendimento do conteúdo a estar apresentado. Verifique, sempre, der fluência dos alunos na idiomas inglesa e, se possível, utilize-se da língua inglesa para comunicar-se alcançar os alunos, enfatizando as palavras que se referem aos tema da aula.


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atividade 2

no laboratório de informática, peça porque o que os aluno acessem ministérios site:

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Apresente uma atividade realizada em Powerpoint com áudio. Verifique, sempre, se o som dos computador está funcionando, assim como naquela disponibilidade de caixa de som, melhorando naquela qualidade da execução da atividade, uma vez que o foco da trabalhar é, além da introdução de vocabulário, der pronúncia ns palavras eu imploro seu perdão se relacionam ao tema da aula.

Disponibilize tempo para que os aluno possam réplicas as perguntas propor nosslides. Circule pela sala, observando emprego desempenho dos aluno na atividade e tirando possível dúvidas.


foto ilustrativa são de referidosite.


atividade 3

Distribua aos aluno o seguinte essa xerocopiado, que contém um vocabulário ampliados de expressões dá tempo com respectivos exemplos.

Weather Vocabulary


Word part of speech Meaning example Sentence
airconditioner/airconditioning noun one appliance the cools under the ar in a home or building Theairconditionerkeeps the office nice and comfortable even when it"s very quente outside.
avalanche noun der dangerous escorregadio of olho down naquela mountain a skiers were warned about naquela possibleavalanche.
below freezing preposition/adjective temperature less than 0 degrees Celsius/(32F) It"s claimed to gobelow freezingbefore a weekend.
blizzard noun naquela storm with lots of snow and wind ns airplane couldn"t take-off due to the fact that of theblizzard.
boiling hot adjective + noun typical expression para describing a very quente day that wasboiling hot, so we tudo de jumped into a lake.
breeze noun light wind Don"t bother with der hat. There is always abreezenear a ocean.
Celsius noun measure up of temperature (0 degrees is freezing/100 is boiling) In ns summer, ns average temperature here is 20 degreesCelsius.
chilly adjective cold It"s naquela bitchillytoday, so i think you have to wear naquela coat.
clear adjective when the sky is azul because enquanto clouds ~ ~ blocking ns sun on aclearnight you have the right to see der lot the stars.
cloud/cloudy noun/adjective water in a sky that appears as a white or grey mass It may lookcloudyin the morning, but a sun always comes fora by afternoon.
cold spell adjective + noun der period of colder than median weather They"re calling para acold spell, for this reason we placed off ours camping trip.
cool adjective temperature in in between warm and cold The dia were boil hot, but a nights werecooland comfortable for sleeping.
degrees noun measurement for temperature ns don"t feel the heat until it"s about fortydegreesCelsius outside.
drizzling consistent verb raining slightly i think I"ll take the dog for naquela walk. It"s onlydrizzlingnow.
drought noun a long duration with no decorrer rainfall forest fires ~ ~ a serious danger throughout adrought.
Fahrenheit noun measurement of temperature (32 levels is freezing/212 is boiling) It foi ~ 100 degreesFahrenheitwhen we gained to mountain Francisco.
flood noun overflow the rain water Thefloodwas therefore bad, our basement foi ~ full of water.
flurries noun an extremely light snowfall There are a fewflurriesbut the snow isn"t difficult to a roads.
fog/foggy noun/adjective thick water vapor that blocks one"s vision we couldn"t check out the ponte because there was too muchfog.
forecast noun/verb ns expected weather for the future de acordo com to ns 5 dayforecast, it"s going to rain on our wedding day.
freezing cold adjective + noun common expression supplied to describe der very cold day It ser estar afreezing coldday porque o the papai noel Claus parade.
frost noun ice crystals on naquela frozen surface some flowers are so solid they deserve to withstandfrost.
frostbite noun naquela skin problem caused by end exposure to the cold (typically reddish skin com white spots) I perdido my hat while I era skiing, and I finished up withfrostbiteon my ears.
hail noun little pieces of ice that fall during a storm There ser estar so muchhailthat part of the trailer dwellings were destroyed.
heat stroke noun naquela flu-like condition one can gain after security too grande in the sun lug lots the water e wear a hat to avoidheat strokein this weather.
heat-wave noun extremely quente weather that is much greater than average--usually lasts der short time throughout theheat-wavewe cooled our beds down with ice packs.
humid/humidity adjective/noun moisture in a air it feels naquela lot hotter than it in reality is because of thehumidity.
hurricane noun der tropical storm com very solid wind and rain half of the buildings on the island were flattened by thehurricane.
icy adjective slippery due to the fact that of ice a roads areicyso please prevent driving down any type of hills.
lightning noun electric discharge e flash between naquela cloud e the ground the outdoor pool always closes when a lifeguards thinklightningis coming.
mild adjective temperature that is warmer than average(in der cold season) It"s quitemildout so ns didn"t bother with naquela hat or mittens.
meteorologist noun der person quem studies weather patterns Themeteorologistpredicted that ns cold spell would more than by now.
minus/negative adjective suggests that a temperature is below zero the wasminustwenty degrees at ns top of a skil hill.
overcast adjective enquanto sun is visible the sky isovercastthis morning, but ns sun is supposed to come out by late afternoon.
partly cloudy adverb + adjective term regularly used in der weather projection to show that a skies are sunny e cloudy at a same time Tomorrow"s projection ispartly cloudywith clear skies by nightfall.
precipitation noun rain or neve that falls on an area there is very littleprecipitationin ns desert.
puddle noun arsenal of rain water crianças love to splash inpuddleswhen they are wearing rubber boots.
rain/raining/rainy noun/continuous verb/adjective water that drops to earth mine hair is tudo de wet e messy from therain.
raindrop noun naquela single measure of rain i love catchingraindropson my tongue.
rainbow noun a band of colours uncovered in the sky after a rainfall de acordo com to legend you can find der pot of gold at the fim of arainbow.
raining cats and dogs idiom rain heavily they cancelled the futebol game since it wasraining cats and dogs.
scorching/a scorcher adjective/noun extremely quente temperature/a very hot day it wasa scorcher, so the whole família slept in a cool basement.
season noun time of year defined by particular weather Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall (or Autumn) mine favoriteseasonis Fall, because I love come watch a leaves transforming colours.
shower noun quick/light rainstorm They"ve to be calling forshowersall week, however so far it"s been dry.
sleet(similar to hail) noun rain the freezes together it falls All-weather-tires ~ ~ best if you have to drive insleet.
slush/slushy noun/adjective neve on ns ground that has been rained on The olho turned toslushas soon as it began to rain.
smog noun heavy,dark cloud cover resulted in by pollution girlfriend really an alert thesmogdowntown in this type of humidity.
snow/snowy/snowing noun/adjective/ consistent verb frozen water the warms slightly together it falls to earth the is alreadysnowingup in a mountains, so a ski temporada should be good this year.
snowstorm noun big amounts that wind and snow tudo de of ns schools to be closed due to the fact that of thesnowstorm.
sun/sunshine/sunny noun/noun/adjective a gassy estrela that warms a earth We hope to havesunshineon a day the the de praia picnic.
sunburn noun ache red/pink skin led to by being in ns sun also long a bald man gained asunburnon his head.
sunglasses/shades noun dark eyewear that protects you a partir de the sun ns forgot myshadesand I foi ~ driving appropriate into ns sun.
suntan/tanned noun(also verb)/adjective(also verb) brown/golden skin resulted in by long periods of sunlight exposure I gained asuntanon the cruise, but it has already faded away.
sunscreen/suntan lotion noun cream the protects your skin a partir de sun damage Don"t forget to reapply yoursunscreenwhen you importar out of ns lake.
temperature noun how warm or cold the atmosfera is deserve to you inspect thetemperaturebefore we vai dressed porque o our walk?
thermometer noun instrument para measuring ns temperature of the air as soon as I checked a temperature this morning, thethermometersaid it era already thirty levels Celsius.
thunder/thunderstorm noun thunder is der loud noise ~ lightning, brought about by rapid growth of atmosfera superheated by ns lightning Let"s close tudo of a windows. It looks like athunderstormis coming.
tornado/cyclone noun violent spinning windstorm Thetornadopicked up everything in that is path, including animals e cars.
umbrella noun held over one"s head and body for rain protection i always keep anumbrellain my car in case of rain.
UV (ultra violet) rays noun a damaging rays a partir de the sun onda ultra-sônica violet rayscan cause skin cancer if girlfriend don"t wear sunscreen.
wind/windy noun/adjective blowing air outside It"s toowindyto play golf today.
wind chilled factor noun when ns wind renders the ar feel chillier than ns actual temperature It"s minus two, but with thewind chilled factorit"s minus fifteen.

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Professor, disponibilize aos aluno um tempo de 10 minutos,aproximadamente, para naquela leitura silenciosa são de texto. Em seguida, peça para que cada aluna se responsabilize pela leitura de ns palavra, sua definição e emprego exemplo der ela correspondente. Observe der pronúncia correta das palavras.Dependendo a partir de grau de fluência da turma, essa atividade poderá está dentro traduzida para der língua portuguesa.

gostar possibilidade de execução de uma atividade lúdica, peça para que algum alunos, no decorrer quadro, desenhem algo mais que represente o acepção das palavras apresentadas. Os demais parceiro deverão adivinhar a palavra representada cabelo desenho. Os alunos poderão ser divididos em grupos o que poderão está dentro pontuados, circunstancias acertem o desenho feito pelo diversos grupo. Tal atividade possibilita pulso um arredores de descontração para naquela aula.

trabalhar 4

Utilizando-se de um datashow, projete emprego poema seguinte e peça ao que os alunos se dividam em grupos de 4 pessoas. Durante grupo, cada estudante de faculdade se responsabilizará pela compreensão de leitura de uma das estações apresentadas no decorrer poema. Disponibilize um tempo de 15 minuto para que ensaiem naquela leitura. Ajude-os com o vocabulário e a pronúncia corretamente das palavras.

no momento seguinte, os grupos deverão apresentar o poema na frente da sala. Incentive para que os alunos leiam ministérios poema abranger a entonação de voz apropriada aos gênero documento em questão: poema. A trabalhar poderá ser filmada e compartilhar em recurso virtualmente apropriado, pela exemplo, uma plataforma virtual ou podcasts (arquivo de áudio assinado, disponibilizado pela internet).


a seasons city Summer

ns earth is warm, the sun"s ablaze, it is naquela time the carefree days; e bees abuzz that acaso to pass may see me snoozing in ns grass.


ns leaves estão yellow, red, and brown, naquela shower sprinkles lightly down; the atmosfera is fragrant, crisp, and cool, e once again I"m grounding in school.


a birds ser estar gone, a world is white, a winds estão wild, lock chill and bite; the ground is thick with slush e sleet, and I deserve to barely feel my feet.

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the fields ~ ~ rich com daffodils, naquela coat of clover cloaks the hills, e I have to dance, e I need to sing to see ns beauty of ns spring.

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