National Confederation of industry (Confederação nacional da Indústria) v. ANVISA

In 2012, Brazil banned tobacco additives and flavors. The national Confederation of sector (Confederação nacional da Indústria) challenged the ban.The Supreme comunidade Tribunal, Brazil’s highest possible court, upheld a 2012 regulation and affirmed ns Brazilian wellness Regulatory Agency’s (ANVISA) appropriate to control tobacco products. Ns court organized that flexibility of companies does not stop Brazil a partir de imposing conditions e limitations on exclusive activities. A court discovered that when businesses have actually rights, they should be compatible com other fundamental e constitutional rights. In the case of tobacco control, this fundamental and constitutional civil liberties include the right come health and the appropriate to information.The court further held that a risks associated com tobacco intake justify a tobacco market being based on intense health and wellness regulations.Because a court failed to reach a majority (5-5 tie), a decision is not binding on various other tribunals, and, by not reaching a majority, the court rejected the constitutionality case against a ANVISA regulation (“Resolução da prancha Colegiada da ANVISA 14/2012”). Although the decision is not binding since of der lack that quorum, it is unlikely the subsequent challenges to the regulation would be chose differently. (Note that a decision is in Portuguese com five pages translated into English. The English translate into is located in "Related Documents.")

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Plaintiff: nacional Confederation of industry (Confederação nacional da Indústria) Defendant: ANVISA (Agência nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) Amici: sindicato da Indústria a partir de Tabaco do bang da Bahia (Sinditabaco - BA) sindicato Interestadual da Indústria dá Tabaco (Sinditabaco) associação Mundial Antitabagismo e Antialcoolismo (AMATA) ACT doutorados da Saúde união Nacional no Trabalhadores da Indústria são de Fumo e Afins (Fentifumo) associação Brasileira da Indústria a partir de Fumo (Abifumo)

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legislation nº 9.782/1999

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