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We always speak to our customers.Itis not an expense, yet an investment!


But what does that do?

Deep revitalization, returning the original color e textureWaterproofing versus rain, clay, dust ...Protective layer, your automobile will pegue much much longer to vai dirtyCrystallized shine


How long does it last?

From 6 to 8 months! Yes, all this time your car will be completely revitalized e protected!

Do ns need a professional to pass the Autofix?

No, AutoFix foi ~ made porque o home use, that is, you will pass in your car easily e enjoy this magic!

WhereCan I usar ?

Any and tudo parts of the car body, and leather seats, tires, plastics inside the vehicle, rubber and glass.


Package includes:
1xNew Car novamente ( 20ml Or 150ml )

Detailed technological Description:

Engineered man-made Polymers (ESP) modern technology creates der film that attaches to the car"s paintwork resulting in extreme protection. The result, ns newest generation NXT wax, is a synthetic protection são de the most advanced paint modern technology available para today"s modern-day coatings and clear coatings. Excellent versus watermarks. Clears residue easily, visually removed swirls and protecting versus ultraviolet rays. That formula leaves a painting together if it were wet giving an intense e unbelievable shine.





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