The archipelago of fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO mundo Heritage terra with naquela delicate ecosystem. Visitors ~ ~ restricted, but a lucky few ser estar rewarded com unrivaled beaches and soothing warmth waters filled com dolphins and sea turtles, make Noronha 1 of the world’s acima de diving destinations. ~ above land, hike ns ecological trails of jardim Elizabeth, the Esmerelda coast or Sancho Bay, which culminates in der climb up der steep collection of stairs carved into a split of naquela cliff.Restaurants in fernando de Noronha


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Located between baía do Sancho and Cacimba do padre, the beach of baía dos Porcos (the name is inspirated in the famous place in cuba where happened ns frustrated invasion) is a amazing lugar, colocar to swim e enjoy. If you walk with children is important to remover care with a rocks.

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O promenade tem inicio imundo pela manha together 08:00h alcançar paradas para banho nas principais de praia da ilha (ex. Praia a partir de sancho 30min. Após praia dá leao 30min.) abranger intervalo para ministérios almoco retorna em seguida para as de praia e apontar turisticos encerrando alcançar o através do solar (almoco nao isto é Incluso). Recomenda-se acessórios para mergulhando (nadadeiras, mascara, e snorkel). Faz-se necessario ministérios uso de tenis e guardião solar.


Live the experience that paddling alongside dolphins, snorkel and venture aboard the Hawaiian Canoe in fernando de Noronha !!! tourism customized and tailored come participants !!!

Baia de Sancho, fernando de Noronha, State that Pernambuco 53990-000 Brazil


The largest Brazilian 18th-century fortification developed by a Portuguese. Ns fort later on served as naquela prison e then housed american soldiers in mundo War II.

A 2015 Travelers’ an option winner, Cacimba são de Padre is famous porque o seashells e soft sand. Jutting out a partir de the sea is a Two brothers (Morro Dois Irmaos) absent formation.

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A an extremely beautiful beach, perfect come enjoy der sunny day and to watch ns surfers! The beach is really clean and it is easy to accessibility it.

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It is essential to know that you should have a guide to do this e it have to be booked 4 dia in advance. That basically is composed of a 6km baleeira tour conectados the beach e cliff too protecting against at 3 different inerva sea swim pools where you snorkel e sea many marine life. The marine life in ns pools is yes, really varied.

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This beach was my number 1 choice to walk to together it ser estar closer to my Pousada e it is likewise close to a center. It likewise has a nice restaurant by a beach, Bar são de Meio. Girlfriend can conveniently spend der full work here.

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