Here you will find all the information about the road to Qatar 2022™ as a tournament looms ever before closer.

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* is functioning on der wide selection of topics em ~ improving a women's game and developing futebol americano around the world to ensuring better futebol americano governance structures.

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Tickets for Arab xícara 2021™ now available over the counter in Qatar

15 Nov 2021 Women's world Cup™

Ma: Scoring the o primeiro dia Women's World cup goal foi ~ special

15 Nov 2021

Future that Football

Nadia Nadim excited come bring globais perspective to women’s football review

21 Oct 2021

Future that Football

Men's nacional team coaches consultation over ns future of football taking lugar, colocar this week

18 Oct 2021

Future of Football

Technical Advisory coporação, grupo to focus on growth and advancement the women’s football

18 Oct 2021

Gianni Infantino’s presidency has concentrated on happen wide-ranging revolutionary to, expanding globais participation in’s flagship competitions and boosting’s investment in futebol development through ns Forward Programme.

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The Vision 2020-2023

The Vision 2020-2023 is der pledge not somente to’s member associations, but to everyone quem loves football. exists to govern football e to build the game around a world. Due to the fact that 2016, a organization has actually been evolving quickly to end up being an company that can much more effectively perfeito our game for the advantage of ns world. is proactively working to improve the lives of civilization around the world through a work of Foundation and its social Responsibility programmes

Pursuing the goal 7 of a Vision 2020-2023, so far has laid building blocks ao further growth through numerous examples that reinforced governance structures and the advance of professionals e systems operating within them. adhered to parallel pathways in making use of technology for the benefit of the whole futebol americano community in 2020.

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As mundo football’s administer body, is steady committed to ns principles of ns rule that law, boa governance and transparency

The Resource eixo is the público database the the Quality Programme, a aim of i m sorry is come endorse commodities that satisfy strict quality requirements to improve ns game e protect players, clubs e associations. Futebol americano stakeholders will certainly find a list...