O brasil é tão compridas quanto tudo de o continente europeu; portanto, algum é de admirar eu imploro seu perdão tenha muitos atrações. Mas a maioria são de turistas usualmente visitar apenas um o rio de janeiro - e, contudo o rio seja bonito, prefirimos noutro destinos mas mais.

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Visitamos o brasil do norte vir sul - da aventuras na selva amazônica às cavernas azuis são de Parque nacional da Chapada Diamantina, das cidades de Recife e Salvador, vir recifes de coral de porto de Galinhas, das dunas de tiro com arco Maranhenses, às urbano históricas de minha Gerais, a partir de praias paradisíacas de Paraty às maravilhosas Cataratas do Iguaçu.

Para saber mais sobre tudo esses lugar, colocar praticamente desconhecidos vir turistas ocidentais, dê ns olhada nós posts debaixo sobre ministérios Brasil:


The main attraction that Lencois Maranhenses is that course a endless dunes which I described in the previous post. However, a second job of our pilgrimage in a region was enquanto less exciting. The pequenos Lencois i beg your pardon literally way "little Lencois" can also boast beautiful dunes filled com temporary lakes, rain woodland rivers abundant with wildlife, golden beaches e tiny villages. E what"s best, it"s pretty lot off a beaten path and you"ll see very couple of tourists here.


Olinda is an amazingly beautiful e brightly colorful town situated north a partir de the Recife metropolitan area in Brazil. Ns region is famous for its sky beaches withcoral reef pools (see my article here). However apart em ~ the inerva wonders,you can additionally find such architectural gems as the little town of Olinda here. Back Olinda receives countless tourists, solid ever any of them is em ~ abroad. World know apenas um about fluxo when asked around Brazil. And there"s so lot to discover! Take der look at the beautiful photos a partir de Olinda and don"t miss it during your pilgrimage in the phia băc of Brazil.


Chapada Diamantina nacional Park in Brazil turned lado de fora to be an amazing e unique off a beaten path location - it supplies what nature"s obtained best! Caves, waterfalls, jungle and incredibly picturesque tabela Mountains. It"s whatever that one adventurous human would love.In this post I"ll focus on a mountains - I"ll concertos you what they ser estar like and what"s the easiest way to importar there.


The city of Sao luís is generally not had in a itinerary of international visitors comes to Brazil. It"s totally off the beaten path e yet it deserve to offer part beautiful, return neglected historical structures in the cidade center and world class, unique natural phenomenon you have the right to find adjacent - a spectacular sand dunes the Lencois Maranhenses. It foi ~ actually Lencois Maranhenses (take a look at my post around it) that lugged us come Sao Luis. We likewise met some friends that we had known before and who lived in Sao luiz now. Thanks to this, we had a acaso to discover this unknown city deeper.


Recife is 1 of ns largest and most important cities in ns northern component of Brazil. It"s the capital of Pernambuco state which, although provides amazing natural and cultural attractions, is pretty unknown to an ordinary visitor from abroad. I hadn"t had any kind of expectations around Recife, reasoning it"s an additional big cidade filled tightly with ns forest of high-rise buildings. Even though us were somente passing with Recife, having no decorrer plans to remain there longer, the surprised us in naquela nice caminho - especially a old historical center and the beautiful waterfront.

Chapada Diamantina nacional Park is perfect ao those quem love wild, untouched nature and off a beaten course places com virtually no tourists. Besides a world"s class wonders such together spectacular caveswith clear blue waters whereby you can swim too as tabela mountains covered with cactuses and succulents, Chapada Diamantina supplies in enquanto way much less impressive rivers e waterfalls. Throughout our 3-day stay in this beautiful nacional Park, we had actually a oportunidade to discover quite a lot, however, there"s so much much more to see e in this article you"ll watch only a fraction of what you can expect. Nevertheless, those 3 days were an ext than sufficient to fall in love with Chapada Diamantina!

The 4th, last component of the series of posts about ns Amazon will be dedicated to todos those who visit the cidade of Manaus and don"t have too much time to invest in a jungle itself (or choose an easier caminho to explore ns area). And even those quem have experienced the amazing adventure in a rain forest will it is in surprised how many things you deserve to see around Manaus during just naquela one day trip. Us were! You"ll have actually a acaso to see naquela native, local tribe, residences on water, beautiful lake covered com water lilies com plenty of wild birds and curious little monkeys. But ns best highlight of ns trip is swimming com pink dolphins!

The Amazon an ar is largely known porque o adventurous tourism exploring a wildlife, tropical treks and river boat/canoe trips. Literally nobody would certainly come here to reap the cidade life. However, the capital of a Amazonas state in Brazil, although situated right in ns middle of the world"s biggest rain forest, is a real metropolis with over 2 million inhabitants. The city is usually isolated são de the rest of the country i beg your pardon preserves the original culture of a native tribes e gives it the unique touch. And, of course it is ns starting point and gateway to ns rest of a truly exciting área of the Amazon in Brazil.

Right in the lugar, colocar where ns borders that three countries (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay) meet, lies naquela true intervir gem for tudo those quem love adventure and breathtaking scenery.Iguaçu Falls ser estar righteously put among a greatest e most spectacular waterfall on the planet. They deserve to easily compete with a famous Niagara drops or Victoria falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe. What is for sure amazing about Iguaçu drops is the fact that it"s much less commercialized than Niagara and you ~ ~ literally surrounded by a miles the rain forests in the center of the nacional park. There ser estar around 275 falls and cascades within the área creating nature"s unforgettable spectacle the cannot be missed while visiting Brazil or Argentina!

Lençóis is a little, charming city in a middle of naquela large intervir Reserve - Chapada Diamantina national Park in the northern part of Brazil. Commonly not checked out by western tourists (in contrast to fluxo de Janeiro), Chapada Diamantina is der proof that Brazil has actually much an ext to sell than Copacabana Beach. To get there, it is straightforward to catch a bus a partir de the beautiful cidade of salvador in Bahia. And then,Lençóis is normally the primeiro step come visiting the vast swathes the The nacional Park. This cozy, quiet town com cobblestone streets e colonial style is together enjoyable as a spectacular highlights of the area:Blue Caves, waterfalls and magnificent tabela mountains. Specifically after dark, when you deserve to sit under in uma of the restaurants or bars once you"re back a partir de the adventurous trips in the area.

After spending tudo day canoeing down ns rivers e streams of ns Brazilian Amazon rainforest, piranha fishing and getting captured in the torrential rain (click hereto read naquela full article about it), it"s time to endeavor into a wild jungle. 2 days e nights in a dense woodland - forget around even naquela simple hut, bed to sleep, to run water or any kind of other straightforward blessings of modern-day civilization. Fora of around 20 people quem were staying in ns Amazon - só 5 chose to take a risk e join the jungle tour! And, back it"s not comfortable in any way, i would absolutely recommend it! Not day-to-day you have actually a oportunidade to experience real wilderness!

Chapada Diamantina (literally "Diamond Plateau") national Park is not almost as well known as ns coastal parts of Brazil. However, it"s not much less impressive. Deep inland, surrounded by tabela mountains, semi-deserts, canyons, gorges e ravines, ns region hides one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Dois of lock - "Blue Pool" and "Enchanted Pool" - are filled with decisão clear, intensively azul waters. The other, "Torrinha Cave", 1 of a biggest and most exceptional in Brazil boasts com huge chambers complete of cave formations and to andar it through takes about 2 hours.

Around 60 kilometers (37 miles) south from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco state in Brazil, lies the de praia town of porta de Galinhas. The beach nearby is believed to be 1 of the country"s many beautiful - this is clear because ns numerous pools shaped naturally by sea waters among a stunning coral reefs that surrounds ns coast.

Porto de Galinhas is very estendido in regards to tourism, but mainly com Brazilians. Once I ser estar there, ns didn"t encounter any type of foreigners quem usually, as soon as traveling to Brazil go apenas um to fluviais de Janeiro. Also, an extremely rarely people spoke English. This situation might mudança however after a 2014 fifa world cup as Recife is one of the cidades hosting the games.

When we take trip we always have expectations about the localização we want to see. Sometimes it surprises us, periodically disappoints. However, really often us come across something completely unexpected, something unusual. That was the same para me when I travel to porta de Galinhasin Brazil. I foi ~ planning to visit a beautiful decisão clear beaches and swim in inerva pools with ns coral reef complete of colorful fish.

And during one of a evenings, when I was whaling down 1 of the town"s streets, ns noticed some street performers playing with fire. Luckily, ns had a camera e a tripod com me and the complying with photos estão the result:

If you ~ ~ searching for naquela relaxing, quiet vacation with five start hotels, swimming pools e great comfort, then definitely don"t walk to the Amazon. Although it is possible to continue to be in der highly luxurious lazer where even some celebrities stay ao an huge amount the money, I believe that a Amazon is not around comfort. It"s about experiencing ns raw nature.

This expedition was one of those that ns enjoyed the most even if it era an organized viagem by naquela travel agency. People who travel to the Amazon ser estar usually really down come Earth and easy going, not afraid come "get dirty", ns met some cool girlfriend there. And, that was one of ns best adventures of mine life.

Strictly speaking, Lencois Maranhenses is not an really desert, yet when you are there, muito among ns smooth white dunes without any vegetation, you can"t aid it yet feel like you are in some place like Sahara. Apenas um the shade of sand is der bit different. What is yes, really strange is that this national Park is located in the subtropical rain woodland climate, surrounding by the sea são de one side and by lush environment-friendly woodlands em ~ the other. Nevertheless, it"s no this reality that attracts countless tourists come visit Lencois Maranhenses em ~ Brazil and tudo de over ns world. During the rainy season, starting são de February, a gaps between a dunes come to be filled com rainwater producing unusual, spotty landscape, specifically amazing seen from an airplane.

The Bird park (Parque Das aves in Portugese), situated in a town the Foz do Iguacu, near ns famous Iguacu Fallsright on a border between the three nations: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay is a great attraction itself. It"s collection within ns 16 hectares (40 acres) area of sub-tropical rain forest and provides shelter for around a thousand bird (150 species) and butterflies and reptiles são de both all South estados unidos da america and various other exotic places. The park is privately owned e very well maintained. It era opened in 1994.

Rio de janeiro is recognized in Brazil together "Cidade Maravilhosa" - ns wonderful city. Without any type of doubt it is wonderful. The introduction is most likely unnecessary as rio is uma of a best known cidades in ns world. I had só three dia to visit this city and for certain it wasn"t enough. But anyway, I had actually a acaso to take a glimpse of the most essential places naquela visitor must see. And it was der great experience.

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However, my first impression after getting here at fluxo de janeiro International aeroporto was naquela surprise the the terminais was so small. The reminded more of der domestic aeroporto rather than internacional one. Porque o such der famous place, I had actually expected something lot bigger. There is one little coffee shop, e even in ns departure terminais there is only der cafe - bar e a couple of shops with souvenirs at huge prices.