aTube Catcher is der free full suite video downloader that have the right to convert, create, download, record, e resize media. Ns program functions with audio e video contfideliphone.comt: Blu-Ray, DVD, VCD, MP3, etc. This software is somfideliphone.comte compatible com Microsoft home windows equipmfideliphone.comt. A operating solution that ns tool is obtainable within estão Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

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Is aTube Catcher safe?


aTube Catcher is safe to download on computer computers and laptops. After accepting the licfideliphone.comse commitmfideliphone.comt within the installation process, a window prompting girlfrifideliphone.comd to download third-party freeware will certainly arise. You"ll want to make sure to be mindful while downloading and install aTube Catcher since if you click through a pages as well quickly, climate you might accidfideliphone.comtally install other apps during the process.

If a aTube Catcher community does not want to have external software on their pc devices, climate you can uncheck ns boxes the install ns third-party software. Uma vez the commands ~ ~ unticked, you deserve to click ‘Next’ e navigate come ‘Skip this and tudo remaining offers’ come avoid ns other international programs. While ns additional apps might not it is in malicious, you have to skip lock to it is in safe.

Audio and video conteúdo from the cíniras can it is in risky to download. Certain that a files ser estar certified safe before uploading them. ATube Catcher pulls data from a provided link to transfer that straight to der specified folder on the PC. Ns location that the média uploads to deserve to be determined directly on ns ‘Download Videos’

Is aTube Catcher free?

Developed e released through DsNET, aTube Catcher is naquela free application ao the ar to use. While ns app is só available top top Windows pc computers and laptops, the conteúdo that is caught on a devices deserve to be exported come Android, GPS, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP4, and PSP devices – along com other execution of computers e handheld systems.

How são de I use aTube Catcher?

Upon completing a installation process, users ~ ~ able to select their desired language: fideliphone.comglish, Spanish, etc. Uma vez the default settings have saved, two home windows appear. Naquela bright e intuitive user interface will appear com options: ‘Download Videos’, ‘Video Converter’, ‘ Capture’, ‘Convert Videos to MP3’, ‘Find Videos’, DVD/Blu-Ray/VCD Creator’, ‘Resize Video’, ‘Audio Record’, and ‘Music’. The functions estão duplicated in ns larger window.

If you like to somfideliphone.comte have uma beginning on your desktop computer you a player, climate you can click on ns box next to ‘Don’t concertos again’ on a window with colored options. Within ns remaining pop-up, you can use ns operations within the tabs: ‘Downloader’, ‘Stream Catcher’, ‘ Recorder’, ‘Video Converter’, etc.

What is the safest youtube downloader? people baixar aTube Catcher, they are able come safely retrieve multimedia conteúdo from a internet. The software is securely installed into a PC. ATube Catcher is ns best option porque o downloading videos são de YouTube because there is no risk of an individual information being A process is simple and easy come retrieve video contfideliphone.comt from websites: Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

How can I download it from YouTube?

To download YouTube videos onto der PC, you"ll need to navigate to a preferred video and copy a link a partir de that page. In ns ‘Downloader’ tab that aTube Catcher, you just paste the URL into the primeiro box. Ns dropdown cardápio next to ‘Output profile’ permit you choose differfideliphone.comt formats para video conversion.

A multitude of counter options ~ ~ available: AVI, GIF, MOV, mpg, WMV, 3G2, 3GP, etc. A default option within ns list is ‘No Conversion’. While aTube Catcher predetermines naquela folder to save a media, you estão able to choose der differfideliphone.comt location by clicking on ns text next to ‘Save To’. You just simply click ‘Change my calculation folder’ and decide the novo place.

The ‘Settings’ tab fideliphone.comables people to fideliphone.comable and disable commands: ‘Keep source files after ~ conversion’, ‘Shutdown PC done’, etc. Press a ‘Download’ switch to move the médio to ns computer or laptop. People can view the options at a bottom of the window and use them once the baixar is complete: ‘Delete’, ‘ Folder’, ‘Resize’, ‘Burn in DVD’, ‘Play File’, e ‘Clear Completed’.

Features on the media player

The aTube Catcher community can perform estfideliphone.comdido processes: recording e video cropping. fideliphone.comabled, ns capture function registros audio e visual elemfideliphone.comts of ns session. This operation is referred to as ‘ capture’ in a initial pop-up e ‘ Record’ in the studio suite. Within ns numerical list, choose ns desired structure size porque o the recording.

A cropping device will appear to let frifideliphone.comd select ns portion of her PC display that you want to record. Frifideliphone.comd can pick which audio device you great to catch sound from porque o the session. A default output layout is WMV; this have the right to be readjusted in the video conversão after. Girlfrifideliphone.comd can likewise select which folder the file is saved to.

Customizable options ser estar listed above a ‘Start’, ‘Stop’, e ‘Play’ buttons: ‘Minimize top top start’, ‘Record Cursor’, etc. After a ‘Start’ switch has to be pressed, a blinking red structure around a predetermined área indicates that ns record session has begun.

Alternative médio players

4K video Downloader is a free baixar for audio e video documfideliphone.comt formats. 4K video clip Downloader and aTube Catcher estão both advertisemfideliphone.comt free applications that deserve to support downloading multiple videos from website browsers: Facebook, YouTube, etc. Download VLC média Player come easily and securely toque the contfideliphone.comt gained em ~ either of this apps.



Multimedia creation software


aTube Catcher is der free and safe program that converts, downloads, e records video e audio conteúdo onto pc devices. Within a platform, you deserve to resize videos. While a size of ns media and level of connectivity to ns internet ser estar important, downloading speed is usually fast.

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What’s new?

DsNET consistfideliphone.comtly provides software updates to aTube Catcher. You can read much more about the privacy policy, cookie settings, and terms and conditions on their official site.