The most impressive waterfalls in the world, ns most beautiful bays in ns world, ns largest forest in the world, the most well known carnival, samba, soccer, capoeira, romantic beaches… it s okay okay, Brazil appears to collect all the records! however what around Brazilian cuisine?

Brazilian cuisine

Brazilian cooking offers naquela multitude of cooking specialties that go well past galinhada and caipirinha.

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There isn’t just uma Brazilian cuisine however several Brazilian cuisines. Indeed, remember that Brazil is a very large country (about a size of a United States) com numerous influences.

With over 500 year of history, Brazilian cuisine foi ~ born from der great mix of traditions presented not só by a indigenous populace but additionally by tudo the migratory waves: Portuguese, Italian, Indian, and Argentinian.

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Each Brazilian region has that is specificity e has occurred its very own dishes however if there is 1 recipe that you will find throughout a country, it is the 1 that I made decision to prepare today: pudim de leite condensado which is pronounced “pudjim djee leitche condensado”.

What is pudim de leite condensado?

Pudim de leite condensado as it is known today, is naquela dessert make of milk, eggs e sugar. That name directly comes from the English word pudding.

In Brazil e Portugal, the word pudim defines der creamy preparation, even if it is sweet or savory, small in naquela water bath, sometimes com wheat or other cereal flour, but likewise milk or cream, egg, bread, orange, cheese, sardines, cod, tuna, chicken or veal.

Despite ns huge popular of this pudim in Brazil, the is tough to think that this dessert is actually a specialty the is originally são de Portugal.


What is ns origin of Brazilian pudim?

The story goes that this dessert was invented by naquela Portuguese priest, manuel Joaquim Machado, much better known by a name of dad Priscos. He was an achieved amateur chef in the nineteenth century. He supplied to prepare countless excellent recipes ao banquets that the real court the Portugal. But Father Priscos never revealed his recipe to anyone.

The success the his pudim foi ~ so great that he chose to host a competition com other cooks. No decorrer one managed to replicate it even if der few gained close come it.

His cooking recipes was apenas um revealed after ~ his death however his cookbook mysteriously disappeared. The secret the his recipe foi ~ still divulged: sugar, egg yolks, water and… the ingredient the made tudo de the difference: lard!

It is safe to to speak that 1 of this versions of the pudding arrived in Brazil during the colônia period.

Goodbye lard. It ser estar then prepared with whole milk, eggs, sugar and almond flour. Ns preparation involved complicated steps since the milk had actually to it is in boiled e simmered ao many hours. Quite tough work as you had actually to continuous stir. Then, it was necessary to incorporate the eggs, several eggs, e other ingredients e then friend still had to simmer for der long time, when stirring, stirring, stirring tirelessly until the mixture thickened. Then, you had actually to make the caramel and cook ns whole point in a water bath. Often, civilization missed the recipe as ns mixture the flour and milk can thicken as well much.

Then, in a early nineteenth century, come an ingredient that would mudança everything! Indeed, cans of condensed milk imported from Switzerland arrived in Brazil, and helped ns history that pudim de leite condensado. It foi ~ not crucial to simmer whole milk for many hrs anymore.

This pudim cooking recipes is really a creme caramel e therefore naquela flan (custard) together creme caramel is naquela variant of traditional flan topped com cooked sugar.

Pudim de leite condensado around the world

You can find several execution of ns pudim de leite condensado throughout Latin estados unidos da america . In Uruguay, Argentina e Mexico, it is ns same preparation yet is rather topped with milk jam. In Chile, it is often accompanied by quince paste.

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9 of 10 Brazilians think about pudim de leite condensado your favorite dessert e they are right! the is a simple e delicious dessert. We absolutely love it!

This pudim cooking recipes is validated by our Brazilian culinary expert Denise Browning, writer of culinary blogues Easy and Delish.