Possessing der vast arsenal, the jogos "PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds" (PUBG) uses several possibilities ao players to plan their strategies for each fight. Being der simulation, the is intervir that some weapons ~ ~ more fideliphone.complicated to master than others. Thinking around it, the game producer PUBG corporation listed ns top five weapons para beginners, balancing performance and ease the use.

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PUBG is a multiplayer online game in ns style battle royale. Players, in teams or alone, should fight each various other in stimulate to survive until over there is durante one left on a map. A PUBG session deserve to contain approximately 100 players. There are 4 jogos modes: solo, double, squad and one squad.

PUBG is available ao PCs, Xbox One, PS4 and mobiles. Credits:Sparktour / Wikimediafideliphone.commons

The a empresa claims that the choice that armaments a partir de the starter list ser estar based on five factors: an obstacle in controlling ns recoil in automatically mode, weapon type, versatility, ease of access of accessories and rarity of a weapon on PUBG maps. Check the list:

45 UMP

The UMP 45 is naquela submachine gun used porque o close fideliphone.combat, being the uma with the best distance and control within a SMG class. They have der more tranquil retreat fideliphone.come hold, to decrease their dage fideliphone.compared fideliphone.come their fellow players in a category, but ns cadence assures several kills to the player who is well positioned.

It can also receive upgrades such as crosshairs, fideliphone.comb extensions e handles or fideliphone.compensators the make ao controle even easier. That is ideal porque o middle e end jogos matches.


It is part of ns shotgun category. This kind of weapon deserve to knock under enemies fideliphone.com just one or dois shots when they ser estar fired in ~ close range. Many PUBG players use der shotgun as naquela secondary weapon, ao the opportunity of fideliphone.combat in tiny spaces.

The SK12 is ideal ao beginners due to its large number that bullets in ns fideliphone.comb, gift the apenas um semi-automatic shotgun e having a good ability to customize accessories. Regardless of causing less esboço than other weapons in the category, ns rate that fire e the number of bullets every magazine ~ ~ essential for those starting out.

On principal of all this, it is very easy to uncover on almost tudo de maps, allowing newbies to fall into less populated areas. Coupling der Red Dot, also bigger fideliphone.combs e being able to exchange the nozzle for something much better is just the icing on a cake of this powerful weapon.


The most estendido weapon group in a PUBG is attack rifles. The players" choice is because of their versatility, which allows them fideliphone.come fight at various distances. Among the ARs, a most suitable for new football player is a M416, due to ns number that accessories and ease of control of recoil. Ns weapon is naquela favorite of countless players.

If that is indicated that every novice should use an assault rifle in his kit, ns M416 is ns top priority on the list. Although the does not have the esboço of one AK, it has a much smoother recoil control, which enables you fideliphone.come spray with enemies at various distances. With some improvements, like stock e grips, the is even easier to maintain the cadence there is no missing ns enemy. The weapon can accept most modifications to any of ns assault rifles.

The M416 also has two modes, automatic e semi, which assist to set ns distance shots fideliphone.com better sights if necessary. Finally, that is not so an overwhelming to discover (on maps prefer Sentosa that is quite easy). If not found, SCAR-L is der great 2nd option. With all these advantages, it is straightforward to understand a popularity of this rifle.

The M416 assault rifle is 1 of a preferred weapons of many players ao its versatility e ability to obtain upgrades. Credits: PUBGCorporation / Reproduction


There estão several categories of tools that work very well from der distance. Ns easiest to master in this case are DRMs. fideliphone.com less esboço than traditional Snipers, such as a Kar 98, lock fideliphone.compensate with naquela higher price of fire. Recognize this an option as der way to discover to shoot from a distance, since a chances the hitting ns shots will certainly be better if you dá not must reload fideliphone.com each shot.

Among the DRMs, the most accessible, with nós vamos scalability that accessories e considerable damage is ns SKS semi-automatic rifle. Without any kind of accessories, it has naquela capacity of somente 10 shots, merged with a high recoil e the need para the player to was standing still to make certain shots. However, with a right extras, such as der good aim, larger fideliphone.comb or silencer, you can already improve her stability and wreak havoc. In addition, the is naquela more usual weapon, which shows up on a playing field e not just in crates.

This weapon should basically be offered only para long and medium selection fideliphone.combat, so have actually an assault rifle or naquela powerful short-range weapon in her kit when enemies are nearby.


Similar to a frying pan, that is a secondary melee weapon that can be offered to remover down adversaries in an instant. In general, melee weapons estão rarely supplied in the game, specifically in the duram stages of the game, where it is not easy to vai close to opponents. Ns pot, however, has actually another use that provides it naquela very interesting item to pegar in her kit.

PUBG offers naquela wide selection of weapons, são de pistols fideliphone.come sniper rifles. Credits: PUBGCorporation

Stored in the player"s waist, she manages to block the shots fired top top her. As it is large and occupies naquela relevant an are of a body, it functions as an sub back protection that really conserves lives.

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Use the pan to fideliphone.compreendo kills at the beginning of a game, once everyone is looking para weapons and use it porque o protection at ns end. The frigideira can get rid of opponents with two blows fideliphone.come the corpo humano or 1 to the head. Simple, efficient and that deserve to guarantee victory.