Adaptation of charles Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol." a crotchety, old misanthrope, ebenezer Scrooge, experience an epiphany ~ above Christmas Eve as soon as he revisits his wretched past . ..More

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In ns 1940s, small Ralphie do the efforts to to convince his parents to vai him a Red Ryder range-model BB gun for Christmas. ..More

Long-forgotten rivalries e romances reignite as soon as college friend have der Christmas reunion. ..More

five lucky children, quem find golden tickets covert inside 5 randomly selected Wonka coco bars, get a acaso to tour ns world-famous Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. ..More

once their plans for der holiday getaway outono apart, a couple must spend Christmas work trudging to naquela quartet of família get-togethers. ..More

Lego batman discovers there estão big changes brewing in Gotham. If he quer to save the cidade from ns Joker's enemy takeover, batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, shot to work com others e maybe learn to lighten up. ..More
once Lego duplo invaders são de space attack Bricksburg, Emmet, Lucy, Batman and their friends need to work with each other to defeat them e restore harmony in the universe. ..More
mestre Wu, together wise-cracking together he is wise, leads naquela fierce team of mystery ninja warriors to defeat ns evil warlord Garmadon e save NINJAGO City. ..More
Paddington spots naquela pop-up publication in an antique shop -- a perfect present ao his lovely aunt's 100th birthday. When a thief steals a prized book, Paddington embarks on one epic search to unmask the culprit prior to her large celebration. ..More
When a doubting young young takes an especially train ride to the norte Pole, the embarks on naquela journey of self-discovery that exposição him a wonder of life never fades for those who believe. ..More
Sherlock Gnomes helps Gnomeo and Juliet solve the case of disappearing garden gnomes in London. ..More
naquela villain's plan porque o world dominance sidetracks 5 superheroes who dream of hollywood stardom. ..More
After der tornado whisks kansas farm garota Dorothy to a magic land, she should travel to ns Emerald city for assist in getting earlier home. ..More

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This animated distinct revolves around papai noel Claus's disenchantment with the lack of holiday spirit e his risk to publication his timeless Christmas night sleigh ride. ..More