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In this Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Iphone phone 12 face-off, we pit ns two smartphone behemoths versus each various other to view which is ns best smartphones you deserve to buy. Ns iPhone 12 has already proven to be der strong contender, with its OLED display, an effective A14 Bionic processor, e camera upgrades.

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But Samsung hasn"t acquisition this one lying under with ns release the its novo Galaxy S21 flagships. A Galaxy S21 is uma of the best Android phones accessible right now, with a latest Snapdragon 888 CPU from Qualcomm, a gorgeous display with naquela high refreshing rate, and some that Samsung"s ideal camera offerings.

This is naquela fierce battle with both phones placing up strong performances. The ultimate winner important comes under to which functions best porque o you, Android or iOS. Either rua you go, you"re obtaining extremely qualified phones here.

Where one phone go well, ns other isn"t far behind. Both estão incredible gadgets — here"s como as this Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Iphone phone 12 face-off shakes out. (To see how the two phone makers" larger phones compare, we likewise have a Samsung Galaxy S21 onda ultra-sônica vs. Iphone phone 12 pro Max comparison.)

Samsung Galaxy S21iPhone 12
Starting price$799$799 on contract, $829 unlocked
Screen size6.2-inch AMOLED (2400x1080)6.1-inch OLED (2532x1170)
Refresh rate48Hz - 120Hz60Hz
CPUSnapdragon 888A14 Bionic
Storage128GB, 256GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Rear cameras12MP (f/1.8) wide; 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide; 64MP (f/2.0) telephoto 3x optical12MP (f/1.6) wide; 12MP (f/2.4) ultrawide
Front camera10MP (f/2.2)12MP (f/2.2)
Water resistanceIP68 up to 1.5 mIP68 up to 6 m
Battery size4,000 mAh2,815 mAh
Battery life09:53 (60Hz) / 06:31 (adaptive)08:25
Size5.97 x 2.8 x 0.31 inches5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29 inches
Weight5.96 ounces5.78 ounces

Galaxy S21 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

Samsung learned a hard lesson com last year"s overpriced Galaxy S20 series. Ao the S21 family, the a empresa lowered prices by $200 across a board. The base model S21 starts in ~ $799, with ns S21 Plus coming in in ~ $999, e the S21 Ultra naquela lofty $1,199.

iPhone 12 (Image credit: Future)

Looking at strictly measurements, the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 ~ ~ very similar in size and weight. A former procedures 5.97 x 2.8 x 0.31 inches with naquela weight the 5.96 ounces. The iPhone 12, meanwhile is 5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29 inches e 5.78 ounces. Ns differences ser estar almost imperceptible in habilidade world use.

The Galaxy S21"s esboço, projeto is an iteration ~ above the one we witnessed with the Galaxy S20, just with some refinements. Similarly, ns iPhone 12 looks der lot prefer its predecessors, except that Apple decisão to forgo a rounded edges and use spicy corners instead. This won"t be to everyone"s liking, e we ser estar torn internally on whether we choose it or not. Some of my partner prefer a iPhone"s level edges; i don"t, however this comes under to an individual preference.

Samsung"s biggest mudança with ns Galaxy S21 design is the Contour cut camera housing, i beg your pardon aesthetically integrates its trio of cameras into ns chassis of the phone. A S21 keeps the hole beat cutout for the front camera in the display, which is easily ignored e se you começo using the phone. Ns iPhone 12"s huge notch greatly contrasts this.

Galaxy S21 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

The other major mudança in ns iPhone 12’s esboço, projeto is something friend don’t see. There’s naquela Ceramic shield display that’s draft to deliver four times the drop security of ahead iPhones.It hold up an extremely well in real-world testing. Meanwhile a Galaxy S21 is vulnerable to shatter on its o primeiro dia drop.

In a end, both phones ser estar marvels that engineering. Making use of them daily is naquela breeze. However, one duram way that Apple edges ahead that Samsung is in water resistance. Both phones ser estar IP68 rated, but a iPhone 12 have the right to withstand water up to seis meters ao 30 minutes. A Galaxy S21 can survive at depths of 1.5 meters ao 30 minutes.

Winner: iPhone 12

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Iphone 12: Display

iPhone 12 (left) and Galaxy S21 (right) (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

You will not be disappointed with a displays ~ above either ns Galaxy S21 or a iPhone 12. Both are OLED screens com punchy colors e deep blacks, e they have an excellent brightness ranges. From the casual observer"s perspective, the displays on either phone estão pretty close come equal.

It"s obtaining into the finer details wherein we check out some differences. First up, Samsung"s 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, with its FHD resolution of 2400x1080, esportes an adaptive refresh rate that can range a partir de 48Hz all the way up to 120Hz ao ultra smooth scrolling and gameplay (where supported). Girlfriend can likewise lock the S21"s refresh price at 60Hz if you want to save on battery life.

The iphone phone 12 packs a 6.1-inch at sight Retina XDR OLED display screen with der slightly trickster 2532x1170 resolution. To apologize didn"t go for der high refreshing rate ao the iphone 12 series, so you"re stuck at 60Hz. If iOS feeling buttery smooth already, Android at as much as 120 frames per 2nd is heaven. It"s naquela difference that"s hard to unsee once you suffer it.

For more technical performance, us look to the results each display earned in our rap testing. The Galaxy S21, in its intervir setting, it is provided 102.7% of a sRGB color spectrum e 77.4% the DCI-P3 with der Delta-E color accuracy score of 0.29. (The closer the last number is to zero, the more accurate a colors.)

Meanwhile, a iPhone 12 delivers 114.5% of a sRGB space e 81.1% DCI-P3 with naquela Delta-E score of 0.29. So ns iPhone"s display is more colorful though ns screens recreate colors with equal accuracy.

In terms of brightness, Samsung"s phone call outshines the iPhone 12. The Galaxy S21 can get up come 691 nits, while ns iPhone 12 manages 569 nits in ~ its highest setup in our irradiate meter tests.

While both phone call displays are very, very good, Samsung wins here. Not only does a Galaxy S21 have actually that beautiful alto refresh rate, however it it s okay noticeably brighter para outdoor use. Looking at them both side-by-side, you"d be hard-pressed come pick one as far better than ns other, but we prefer the S21.

Winner: Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Iphone 12: Cameras

The iphone 12 (back) e Galaxy S21 (front) (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

All four iPhone 12 models ser estar among the best camera phones the you have the right to buy, regardless of whether you opt porque o the dual rear lenses found on ns iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 or ns triple camera setup of ns iPhone 12 aceita phones. That"s due to the fact that hardware apenas um tells some of a story ao Apple"s mobile photography. The neural engine ~ above Apple"s A14 Bionic chip additionally delivers a lot of computational photography features that aid every iphone phone 12 produce superior shots.

For a Galaxy S21, Samsung kept a same camera setup the we experienced on a Galaxy S20 last year — naquela 12MP main shooter along with der 12MP ultrawide sensor e 64MP telephoto lens. That"s no all. Ns S21 benefits em ~ what Samsung calls an are Zoom, which deserve to offer 30x zoom photos. It"s impressive in real-world use, though it"s more of a cool point than miscellaneous you"re likely to usar regularly.

This Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Iphone phone 12 battle largely comes down to the cameras, since a phones ser estar fairly equal otherwise. E the phone with a best camera depends heavily on what you"re doing.

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Galaxy S21 1x zoom (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

Starting off com max zoom photos, you have the right to see the Galaxy S21"s full 30x zoom is usable, if naquela bit noisy. Scaling back to 10x, girlfriend can clearly make fora details on ns apartment building, with even a shingles on the roof visible.