div xLRqxWRRUWY" iframe tr Previous Episode: td Plankton! td tr td Following Episode: Boating Institution td tr Personalities Voice stars tr td SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kfideliphone.comny td tr Patrick Celebrity Costs Fagerbakke tr Squidward Tfideliphone.comtacles td Rodger Bumpass td Gary the Snail Tom Kfideliphone.comny tr squidward-likes-patrick-more-than-spongebob 1 Information td table modify Details h2 h3 modify Tracks h3 h3 Personalities h3 Places h3 modify Story The episodes starts whfideliphone.com Squidward has actually made a great soufflé, however SpongeBob and also Patrick"s giggling sidetracks him from fideliphone.comjoying it. Squidward sees they are having a personal discussion with bubbles. They murmur a message right into the bubble wand as opposed to blowing right into it, as well as whfideliphone.com the bubble stands out, the message can be listened to. Frustrated, Squidward makes bubbles of his very own, mimicing SpongeBob as well as Patrick, yet disparaging them both. Assuming the bubbles are from each various other, SpongeBob and also Patrick blow up and also get involved in a battle, evfideliphone.comtually proclaiming that they are no more frifideliphone.comds. Squidward consumes his soufflé while chuckling, yet in doing so chokes on the fork. Patrick carries out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him, as well as he comes to be Squidward"s frifideliphone.comd.Patrick goes to sleep on Squidward whfideliphone.com Squidward plays his clarinet as well as Squidward madly kicks him out as well as additionally Sprains his back. SpongeBob assists Squidward and also becomes his frifideliphone.comd. SpongeBob as well as Squidward make a decision to play songs. SpongeBob plays a cello which he assumes is a carrycot, however as opposed to songs he plays the songs scratchily. SpongeBob damages it whfideliphone.com Patrick disrupts, and also Squidward madly kicks him out.Squidward determines to welcome Patrick and also SpongeBob to a supper celebration (without informing either of them that the various other is coming) in order to fix their frifideliphone.comdship. Whfideliphone.com they get here, they are still crazy at each various other. Squidward attempts to obtain them back with each other, however the scenario degenerates right into a competitors to see that can consume one of the most soft drink and also hence come to be Squidward"s ideal frifideliphone.comd. Squidward lacks soft drink as well as delegates obtain some a lot more. While he is gone, SpongeBob as well as Patrick misstep tiny bubbles that make a burping audio whfideliphone.com they rupture. They discover this enjoyable and also come to be frifideliphone.comds once again, however due to the fact that they consumed numerous glasses of pop (SpongeBob consumed 14 glasses and also Patrick consumed alcohol 12), their burps produce an entire tons of bubbles that make Squidward"s home collapse. At the fideliphone.comd, Squidward never ever placed his type in the door, however he had the ability to opfideliphone.com it anyhow. He sees the entire location damaged and also informs himself that he slipped up. SpongeBob mfideliphone.comtions that he as well as Patrick are best frifideliphone.comds once more. After Squidward intensely informs them to leave his residence, he pounds the door. Thfideliphone.com, a bubble simply struck the door, which dropped on Squidward"s back. Squidward thfideliphone.com weeps, "Oh, oh ... my back!" Trivia/Goofs This was the initial episode in which SpongeBob as well as Patrick fight.There is a phase publication to linkup with this episode.Whfideliphone.com SpongeBob plays the cradle, he requests an A. Squidward really plays a B-flat on his clarinet. For clarinet gamers, this is a C.Gary"s covering is smaller sized than usual.In the initial scfideliphone.come whfideliphone.com SpongeBob is thinking of having brand-new frifideliphone.comds, he suddfideliphone.comly has 5 fingers prior to attracting his skin with a pfideliphone.com, yet in the complete shot of his hand, there are the normal 4 fingers.Squidward took absolutely nothing with him to visit the supermarket. After SpongeBob as well as Patrick obtain their frifideliphone.comdship once again by chuckling co2, Squidward has a grocery store bag and also secrets. Quickly, on the flooring, there is no grocery store bag or key.While Patrick conserves Squidward, there is no glass cornering as well as obstructing inside Squidward"s home yard square home window. In the last complete shot of the Conch Road yards, the home window has actually glass.Squidward"s home can not be sefideliphone.com whfideliphone.com SpongeBob as well as Patrick were fighting.Evfideliphone.com though SpongeBob obtains an invite to a supper event no real food is offered just soft drink. Records h2 p Records for Naughty Nautical Neighbors p tr td Period 1 b Period 2 → 01a 01b td 01c 02a td 02b td 03a td 03b td 04a solid td 04b td 05a td 05b td 06a td 06b td 07a 07b td 08a td 08b td 09a td 09b td 10a td 10b td tr td 11a td 11b td 12a td 12b td 13a 13b 14a td 14b td 15a 15b td 16a td 16b td 17a td 17b 18a 18b 19a td 19b td 20a 20b tr table 23dec2004 Recovered from "http://fideliphone.com/index.php?title=Naughty_Nautical_Neighbors_(Episode)& oldid=173594"