so Ive been trying to manufacture 3 elite dry lancers for some time currently, I comprehend that I need to manufacture details ones, none elite dry lancer, however the certain ones never ever turn up ... Ive run the goal ATLEAST20 times as well as the only simaris target thats appeared has actually been a normal dry lancer. is this typical? am I expectedto run this objective 2,032 times?Edited July 19

, 2016 by BaconOnARock

I did the occasion on Mars after the upgrade, took a couple of greater than 3 efforts due to the fact that the lancer showed up in a location I couldn"t accessibility.

All I did was make use of the scanner to adhere to the routes (actually want them being extra apparent sometimes) and afterwards I checked the lancer 3/4 times right away as called for (should be those areas). Work done.Normally cephalon claims you"ve located the certain target and also iirc he had a blue radiance around him Edited July 19, 2016 by LSG501

Does Simaris claim it exists? Some targets just generate at particular lvls. If he claims it is