I"ve obtained a trouble with a set documents (Windows 7 x64). I"ve took care of to minimize it to the following (there are 2 vacant remark lines; it doesn"t appear to matter whether there"s a real remark):

resemble offif/ i <%1> == <> (resemble A:::: resemble B)Placing this in a set documents and afterwards running it without any criteria generates the list below result:

AThe system can not locate the drive specified.BDeleting among the:: lines, or erasing the bordering if, solutions points so you obtain the anticipated result:

ABWhat"s taking place below? Why is it trying to find a drive?


Many thanks for the reactions for much. So my inquiry truly comes down to this:

What are the regulations for identifying whether:: indicates "beginning of remark" or "drive letter colon"?

Probably it"s less complicated to simply switch over back to rapid eye movement for including remarks so there"s no range for obscurity, however I do discover the:: design less complicated to review.

home windows batch-file
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It"s an obscoure impact in set code obstructs.

In a code obstruct a tag in one line needs constantly a second line with rather various phrase structure regulations (for a second line). SO: goto command not functioning

The additional line should be a command or straightforward tag, yet not a parenthesis neither an inner command neither a dual colon added with a parenthesis.

MC ND discussed that the: is utilized right here like a typical drive letter, that"s truly true!But just in the second line as well as also you can reduce the mistake by a subst:: C:\, the line is taken care of like a tag (You can"t begin anything).

subst:: C:\(: tag:: \ home windows \ system32 \ calc.exe)As well as the additional line approves & also when the line is a tag.

Stopping working examples

(: Tag at the end falls short)(: tag (resemble brand-new Block stops working )resemble ...)(: tag:: Dual colon stops working)(: labelecho( stops working additionally, as currently a data called "resemble(" is looked for implementation)As well as currently functioning ones

(:: Functions: with a "regular" tag in the 2nd line)(: However this tag! & resemble This will certainly not resemble"d: however & resemble You can see this!)(: labelecho or an easy command functions as well)In some cases:: is utilized as a remark design, this can trigger issues inside blocks, if you wear"t appreciate the second line.

Edit: To address your 2nd inquiry

What are the policies for figuring out whether:: implies "begin of remark" or "drive letter colon"?

The very first:: is constantly a remark or tag, in the following line it"s constantly a drive letter colon.