Tymora is the bright-faced siren of lot of money, the one to whom game-players as well as casino players hope in Faerûn. Our Grinning Woman is claimed to like none even those that bet with miraculous ability as well as bold. Yet she is believed to supervise all that take dangers to much better their fortunes.The fight cry

of the fans of Tymora is "Ton of money prefers the strong." A person could claim words to Tymora prior to any type of undertaking in which a little best of luck would certainly aid, yet not when an occurrence of misfortune could happen. (On such celebrations people pray to Beshaba to save them from rotten luck; hoping to both is believed to rage both sirens.) If it's heads, one typical approach of divining the future is to throw a coin to an unfamiliar person (generally a beggar) and also ask. The coin is left with the complete stranger as settlement for Tymora's support if it is. If it's not, the unfamiliar person can pick to maintain it (as well as the rotten luck) or return it.Those that

prefer Tymora-- as distinctive from people that invoke her name by mumbling over the dice-- have a tendency to be bold types. Bettors and also travelers comprise a lot of their rankings. They all have the idea that what is great concerning their lives is the outcome of having both best of luck as well as the fearlessness to seek it out. Tymora has adorers amongst all kind of individual: the rushing young worthy, the risk-taking vendor, the imagining area hand, as well as the unscrupulous ne'er-do-well.

Clergymans of Tymora as well as holy places dedicated to Kismet are limited, because her belief has a tendency not to emphasize a demand for middlemans: "Allow the fortunate guy and also the Grinning Woman suss it out," as the old claiming goes. Temples to Tymora at betting shops aren't uncommon, nevertheless, as well as often such facilities draw in a clergyman as well as successfully come to be holy places.


Prior To the Dawn Calamity, there was yet one siren of good luck, Tyche. Ever before teasing with ton of money as well as catastrophe, Kismet presented as well as withdrew her support at an impulse. When her existing admirer, Lathander, began a battle amongst the gods, Tyche kissed the Morninglord with bad luck as well as strayed to check out the world.During her journeys

, Kismet found a budding rose of unparalleled elegance. Pleased with this arbitrary incident, Tyche reached to tweeze this fascinating token, which she thought was a tranquility advance from Lathander, that looked for to restore her great enhances. Much to her awe, Kismet could not tweeze the rose from its bush regardless of just how difficult she attempted. Distressed, she cursed the rose with rotten luck, and also the blossom's stem barged in her hands. Tyche placed the tweezed increased behind her ear as well as advanced her means. Unidentified to Tyche, the rose was a symptom of Moander, god of corruption and also degeneration. The cut increased stem slipped right into Tyche's ear and also discreetly started to rot her from the within out.When Tyche returned house, she discovered her bosom friend, the siren Selûne, waiting to speak to her. Likewise waiting on her were Lathander, that desired to reclaim her love, as well as Azuth, that had actually involved moderate the disagreement in between both. Selûne cried fantastic rips as she saw the corruption damaging her pal from within, and also prior to Tyche might determine her intent, Selûne snapped with a screw of detoxifying light. Tyche's deteriorated core split down the center as well as a smaller sized, brighter variation of the siren of good luck marched, enabling the siren of the moon to conserve that which was pure and also excellent in her good friend. Nonetheless, following this initial determine of the rotten covering was an additional kind spectacular to lay eyes on, however packed with dark malevolence as well as unpredictable hostility. As both types arised, they quickly dropped upon each various other in hate, having a hard time incredibly, and also were divided just by the cooperations of all 3 visitors.It is claimed that Tymora, Tyche's Fair-Haired Little girl, personifies all the elegance and also generosity of her mom, while Beshaba

, Tyche's Unpleasant Child, obtained just her appearances. Given that their birth, the twin elements of Tyche-- Tymora, Kismet, and also Beshaba, Housemaid of Bad luck-- have actually fought each various other, disputing issues as fantastic as the destiny of countries and also as little as the flip of a coin.