Beginning the mission

This mission appears after finishing the Chains of Harrow mission as well as constructing the Individual Quarters sector of the Orbiter (readily available after the Battle Within pursuit). Upon getting in the Individual Quarters for the very first time after finishing Chains of Harrow, a purple hologram of Lua will certainly be seen by the home window. Communicating with it will promptly fill the Tenno right into the pursuit goal.

First Objective: Examine the route (Lua)

Orokin Moon idea art-- Sean Bigham

The Tenno is transferred on Lua. There are no objective adversaries, transmissions, or goals. The Tenno is obstructed from turning on Transfer. As the Tenno relocates via the map, they will certainly experience a beautiful purple orb. Touching it will certainly turn on a path of light leading via the map, and also cause an incorporeal voice.

Margulis: "Do something. Obtain me out of below."

As the Tenno adheres to the route of light, they will certainly listen to songs that appears like a modified kind of the track This Is That You Are. Ultimately, the route will certainly finish at one more beautiful orb, which will certainly activate an additional voice clip as well as prolong the light route. There are 4 orbs in overall.

Ballas: "You recognize I can not."

Margulis: "Can not or will not?"

Ballas: "I informed you not to speak up. If you recant, perhaps--"

Margulis: "You existed to me, Ballas. You're no various than the remainder of them."

Ballas: "Margulis ... please forgive me."

The light route after the last orb introduces the Storage tank, which is currently in major disrepair. The white tree has actually started overgrowing the style as well as just 3 of the initial 7 husks continue to be. The falls system has actually been harmed, as well as a light rainfall continuously drops from the roof covering, leaving different pools on the ground. The tooth cavity listed below the tree where the shucks were originally kept is open, and also the light path introduces it.

Delving into the shaft will certainly shift the Tenno right into Driver setting, without any HUD. The Driver will certainly come down on a dark, round system, at the end of the shaft, enduring no autumn damages. A curved corridor is the only method onward, as well as sprinting is impaired. As the Driver strolls onward, even more voices can be listened to.

Ballas: "Honoured 7, we have actually collected right here today to execute the sentencing of Archimedian Margulis. You encounter the Jade Light; recant, as well as we will certainly provide a merciful fatality."

Margulis: "My children, my kids ... I desire you to understand ... my last ideas are of you."

Getting to completion of the passage will certainly activate a cutscene.

Lotus: "The length of time have we waited on this minute?"

Tenno: "I--"

Ballas: "Forgive me."

Lotus: "Of what? I am not that you assume I am."

Ballas: "However naturally you are. Locked up, equally as she was."

Lotus: "Ballas?"

Ballas: "I will certainly not desert you once again, Margulis."

The cutscene finishes and also the Tenno is complimentary to run in the direction of the covering, whereupon one more cutscene activates.

Consequences (aboard Orbiter)

The mission conclusion display is shown upon going back to the Orbiter. It deserves keeping in mind that the pursuit did not show up in the Codex till it is finished.

Ordis: "Driver? What is occurring? Is the Lotus ... is she gone? Ordis will certainly try to synthesize her goal instructions up until we can find out where she is."

From this factor, whenever the Lotus shows up to offer a transmission-- throughout a goal, aboard the Orbiter, or somewhere else-- she will certainly look like a purple hologram, with the sound as well as video clip of her transmissions sometimes glitching out.

In the Individual Quarters section, the Lotus' safety helmet will certainly be shown on a plinth (which was formerly vacant).