div Our belief evaluation reveals that the phrase TFW appears to have actually been utilized in a somewhat a lot more unfavorable spin: either as an ironical means of reporting the poor point or a method to ignore something favorable. … … solid p What is the F word? h2 div design ="text-align: facility" div imager_7_789_700.jpg" alt="*" div What IRT suggests in twitter? p When utilized on Twitter, the newest retweet. To see likewise: Just how to youtube stream What does IRT suggest? What is twitter jargon? twitterat: A vernacular term describing Note A Twitter customers. Tweeter: Describe an individual that sends out tweets on Twitter. … … twitter-ific: for the expressions "twitter" as well as "horrible" in short. This is a jargon term utilized to define what is awful on Twitter. p What does LRT indicate on twitter? LRT is a basic acronym that is converted as the last retweet.