Yo all, I'm presently readin Yu Hakusho( which's damn excellent) as well as I'm discovering a great deal of resemblances in between both collection. I developed this subject in order to observe all the similaritiries. If some inspired individuals intends to include some, they are welcome.First ones I kept in mind: Yusuke need to locate that is the mystical perpetrator throughout the "Genkai's examination": Kurapika need to discover the mystical wrongdoer on the black whale Rinku's making use of yo-yos like Killua throughout the Dark Event Toguro extra Yusuke throughout their very first experience

due to the fact that he really felt an intriguing battling possibility in him like Hisoka performed with Gon When Hiei's making use of the black fires throughout the dark event, he conceal his damaged hand in his pocket like Killua did when Gon melted his hands throughout the battery video game on GI.26 remarks share conserve conceal record 91% Upvoted This string is archived New remarks can not be published and also ballots can
not be cast Type by: finest degree 1 · 3y Yeah they are without a doubt really comparable, virtually as if Togashi created both of them ... wait 56 Share ReportSave degree 2 Op · 3y Omg ur so amusing 9 Share ReportSave Proceed this string
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-Gon and also Yusuke mature without papas as well as their daddies wind up being a massive assisting pressure for their personalities as well as the plot.-Kurama as well as Kurapika are both androgynous, relay greatly on tactical benefits, as well as their personality arcs focus on a dilemma in identification(

That is Kurama if he
& #x 27; s not Yoko and also just enacting Shuichi? When all the eyes are gathered as well as he no much longer requires to look for revenge for his clan?), that is Kurapika.-Killua and also Hiei both need to save their siblings, and also their sis have a notable power individuals want.-Leorio and also Kuwabara are both the loud-mouthed normies with hearts of gold of their corresponding groups.-Bisky as well as Genkai are both older coach numbers with a more youthful form.-Karasu appears like he affected a number of villains in HxH from

his desire over damaging solid challengers (Hisoka/Karasu crossover fic plz) to his total design.There & #x 27; s a lots of others yet those protrude to me on the top of my head.18 Share ReportSave degree 1 · 3y Is Yu Hakusho excellent? I & #x 27; m preparation to see it quickly.10 Share

ReportSave degree 2 · 3y it's excellent. among the very best of its time.14 Share ReportSave degree 2 · 3y I would certainly state it deserves it. The writing isn't AS wise or natural as HxH, yet it's still an excellent time as for shonen go. And also the signature tune is fire.9 Share

ReportSave degree 2 · 3y I'm practically performed with YYH for the very first time.

I enjoy all it. Personalities are all terrific in

their very own method. Fantastic program.4 Share ReportSave Proceed this string degree 2 ·
Karasu Much better than dragonball of its time.1 Share ReportSave degree 2 · 3y It & #x 27; s fantastic

yet its last
is crap.1 Share ReportSave

1 · 3y · modified 3y Kurama would absolutely be a magician(invokes plants)Marginalised beings desired for their eyes Power 4 protags Knuckle is essentially
Kuwa-chan with pet dogs rather
Genthru as well as Karasu have similar-ish powers Motifs of being ant/demon vs human Relationship got via difficulties as well as collaborating Older female as the coach
Fei/Killu &
Hiei Manlets are edgy and also rapid Bad guys with identification concerns Chrollo and also Sensui Shoutouts to old antiques from the 90s, video

in YN and also Phase Black Personalities not remaining dead 4 protags as well as shade control Clown personalities Huge brothers
of young
siblings 7 Share ReportSave degree 2 · 3y Kurama would absolutely be a magician Kurama himself

did state he was a"plant manipulator"5

Share ReportSave Proceed this string degree 2 · 3y Concerning the 15th one, obtained problem for you..-1 Share ReportSave degree 1 · 3y I suggest very same writers so.3 Share ReportSave

degree 1 · 3y Possibly there is additionally 2 white haired personality with lengthy hair that obtained reincarnated as a various varieties as well as are currently red haired. Both of those likewise make use of an assault that reduces whatever around as well as is referred as a waltz via its title.3 Share ReportSave degree 1 ·

3y Ok so my pals as well as I are enjoying YYH (after viewing HxH) and also it & #x 27; s a running joke to explain resemblances and also

state" Togashi plagiarised from YYH". Several of

the huge and also tiny resemblances we & #x 27; ve discovered: When Gon utilizes jajanken
, it resembles Kuwabara &
#x 27

; s spirit sword Heie and also Feitan are actually the exact same individual Youngster in Dark Event as well as Killua both make use of yoyos Sensui as well as Chrollo, Phantom Performers obviously Kurama utilizes a whip, Kurapika makes use of
chains The air guy at night Competition winds his arm up

like Phinks Hisoka and also the clown guy in the
Dark Event are both clowns(this is a

stretch however
, eh, whatever)Genkai as well as Bisky are old

individuals that obtain more youthful when they utilize their real power Yorknew City as well as Mushiori City Knuckle Bine as well as Kaito have the very same hair Ging and also Yusuke spirit weapon Killua obtaining sniped in the woodland resembles Yusuke obtaining ... sniped in the woodland Uvogin as well as Toguro do the percent
powers point(although Toguro is renowned keeping that spunk)